Our Start

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies was awarded a grant by “Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme” (QEGS) to establish a language learning centre for SCS students. The funding, over three years, from 2009 to 2012, has witnessed the establishment of the LLEC as a learning centre with an emphasis on facilitating full-time HD students to broaden their language learning exposure and to enhance their language proficiency for better academic achievement and career development.


Our Mission

– Provide a language-rich, resourceful and stimulating environment to enhance students’ language standards
– Foster students’ interests in language learning
– Create a positive attitude towards students’ life-long learning
– Promote language learning to students through differing effective language learning methods/approaches and opportunities

Our Goals

To achieve our mission by:

– Establishing the LLEC with an amiable learning environment and inspiring learning resources
– Offering language enhancement courses / workshops
– Providing language advisory service
– Arranging talks and seminars on various popular topics
– Organizing language and culture related activities