To enrich student’s learning, CUSCS and with the support of Quality Enhancement Support Scheme, our pioneer virtual learning platform InternVision – Virtual Reality System for Internship Training is launched. 

InternVision is an ingenious and resourceful Virtual Reality (VR) platform with interactive contents of real-life workplace simulations for enhancing practical skills and professional related concepts, reaction and decision making at a multitude of careers.  Encompassing a series of VR simulations, the dual platforms of InternVision – a VR Head-Mounted Display System (HMD) and a Mobile Application (app) host 20 internship simulations which cover all CUSCS full-time programmes for preparing and fostering the readiness of students at their future workplace.

InternVision Mobile App has innovative features on self-study zone, multi-player mode and performance records to foster students’ self-learning.  The app can be downloaded freely from Google Play or Apple App Store by simply search on ‘InternVision’ or scanning the following QR codes:

Access the app by typing in your CUSCS Student ID at ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.

InternVision VR System, which provides hands-on immersive working experience via VR goggles, can be used in the lesson under instruction.

To understand more about InternVision, please watch the online Project Introduction Video.

Should you have any enquiry, please contact us at 3943 9110 or .  Thank you.

Immerse Yourself as a Professional@ InternVision!