General Japanese


1. オンライン日本語学習
Japanese Lessons, free text/audio downloads


3. Real Kana
Hiragana and Katakana Practice

4. Online Nihongo
This site is for learning stroke orders and pronunciations for all Kana characters.

5. CosCom Learn Japanese
Japanese online with various learning contents. Students can learn practical Japanese conversation, daily phrases, Hiragana Katakana, Kanji and today’s Japan.

Online self-study programs for beginners.

7. JOSHU – Japanese Online Self-Help Utility
Japanese Online Self-Help Utility.

8. ひらがなめがね

9. オンライン日本語アクセント辞書(OJAD)


1. ちまたの日本語-“Real World”Japanese

2. マルチメディア「にほんごをまなぼう」
This site will help you learn greetings and basic conversations.

3. 相づち:たのしい会話への鍵
You can learn Aizuchi (back-channeling), a key to smooth conversation with this site.

4. LangMedia /Japanese in Japan
This website is for people who want to learn natural conversations.

5. TUFS Language Modules
On this site you can watch videos of conversations and practise your listening, speaking and writing.

6. Kansai-ben: Kansai Dialect Self-study Site
This is a site where you can find some detailed information on the Kansai dialect.


1. NHKオンライン

2. Japanese Songs 日本の歌
You can listen to Japanese songs and see the lyrics in both Japanese and English.

3. NHKラジオニュース
You can listen to the day’s NHK news and choose between NORMAL, SLOW or FAST speed for the audio.


1. Japanese Lessons, free text/audio downloads | NHK WORLD

2. 简明日语,免费文本/录音下载 | NHK WORLD


1. 福娘童話集 -世界と日本の童話・昔話集

2. よみうり博士のアイデアノート

3. Digital EHON (Picture Book) Site
On this site you can read, and listen to, Japanese folklore tales in 12 different languages.

This is a useful web magazine for people who want to know about Japan.

5. Hir@gana Times
Hiragana Times magazine is readable in Japanese, English and Romaji, making it an ideal information and eductaional tool.

You can read, listen to audio and watch videos of the most recent news in simple Japanese.

7. Learning Japanese through Kanji
These are Japanese reading materials designed for upper-intermediate level learners. These readings look at 200 basic kanji characters one at a time, explaining in simple terms how each one came about, how the meaning of each has changed and so on.

8. 青空文庫    Aozora Bunko
You can read copyright-free works of literature (and more) written in Japanese.

9. マルチメディア対訳版で読む世界の名作 (Multimedia Bilingual Versions)
Using this site you can read world-renowned masterpieces or speeches in both English and Japanese.

10. Old Stories of Japan
Lots of Japanese folklore tales are introduced on this website.


1. YesJapan
From this site you will learn powerful grammar in just 5 minutes.

2. WEB版 エリンが挑戦!にほんごできます。(Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese.)
You can learn Japanese and find out about Japanese culture in a fun way with lots of video skits, games and quizzes with this online site.

3. J-LEARNING.COM Learn Japanese On Line
This is a website where you can study beginner-level Japanese grammar.

4. Teach Yourself Japanese
This is a useful site for people who are just starting their Japanese language study.


1. Let’s enjoy Japanese! 擬音語・擬態語-日本語を楽しもう!
This is a website about giongo (onomatopoeia) and gitaigo (mimetic words), created by The National Institute for Japanese Language.

2. オノマトペディア-goo辞書- Onomatopedia
With this site you can search for or browse through real examples of Japanese “gitaigo” (mimetic words) and “giongo” (onomatopoeia) used on the internet.

3. 経済のにほんご (Economics/Business Japanese)
This is a website where you can some study fundamental Japanese terms used in economics/business.

Public Examinations

I.日本語能力試験Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

1. 日本語能力試験JLPT
This is an official website of JPLT. You can try JLPT sample questions on this site.

2. 日本語教材図書館
There are some sample questions of JPLT on this site.

3. 日本語能力試験学習サイト
JLPT Study Website

4. 練習 renshuu
On this site you can choose your level and take vocabulary, kanji and grammar quizzes.

5. JGram
This is a list of important Japanese grammar points with explanations and example sentences.

II. 日本留学試験Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

1. Japan Student Services Organization
You can learn about The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) with this site.

Japanese for Fun

1. ビバ!江戸

2. Experience Japanese Culture
This is the website of Japan’s National Tourism Organization. You can find lots of information related to Japan and Japanese culture here.

3. Japanese in Anime & Manga
This is a site where you can use manga and anime to study Japanese in a fun way.

This is a website that introduces various aspects of modern Japan, including culture, society, politics and economics.