CUSCS and with the support of Quality Enhancement Support Scheme, iLearn English – English mobile learning app – has been launched since 2020.  The app is a pioneer English learning app specifically designed for enhancing your English learning opportunities outside classroom.

iLearn English targets to raise your interest in English and enrich your sensitivity as well as awareness in language learning by proactively delivering and updating English learning resources with innovative features on:

– Daily Reading;

– Fun Reading;

– Vocabulary in Use;

– Grammar Essentials and;

– Extended Reading Experience.

Simply download the app by searching “iLearn English CUSCS” from Google Play or Apple App Store or scanning the following QR codes:

To access the app, type in your CUSCS Student ID at ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.  To understand more, please watch the online demonstration video.

Should you have any enquiry, please contact us at 3943 9110 or .  Thank you.

iLearn English: Learn English at your fingertips!