General English


1. British Council – Phonemic Chart
This website allows you to hear all the sounds of English by clicking on the symbols of the pronunciation chart on the website. Once you have mastered the pronunciation of these sounds, which combine together to form an English word, you can look at the pronunciation provided in the dictionaries and learn the English words’ pronunciation on your own. You can then pronounce every new word you encounter!

2. – English pronunciation
The secret key to English pronunciation! Have you ever found that you cannot speak as beautifully as the native speakers of English? Here is the key. Word and sentence stress are very important in English but many students are not aware of this. This website guides you to using them appropriately. It provides you the rules and quizzes for self-learning. So, you don’t even need a teacher!

3. Sounds of English
This website provides information about the sounds in English in text, audio, and graphic formats. It contains comprehensive information that you ever need to know in order to speak better English. Start polishing your pronunciation now!

4. – Speaking
This website targets at English learners and provides you useful English vocabularies and expressions to cope with different needs in daily life, such as telephone English and making a reservation. Each speaking lesson also provides practices and quizzes for revision.

5. BBC Learning English
Feeling bored by grammar? Feeling that you can never use what you learnt in real situations? These pages show you how to use English in real situations that you always encounter in daily life, such as making a complaint, reacting to good and bad news. Stop learning English today! Use it!

6. BBC Learning English – Pronunciation tips
This website is for people who want to know more about English pronunciation. It contains information about sounds, different aspects to take care of when you speak English such as linking of sounds, and the easily confused sounds by English learners. Check these pronunciation tips out today so that nobody will misunderstand your words again!

7. BBC GCSE Bitesize
Public speaking may not be your strong point, but with a little effort any speech can be made into a masterpiece. These pages contain verbal and non-verbal skills you need to polish to make a good presentation. Having the need to present in class tomorrow and worrying? Check this out!

This is a very good site for your own learning as it has classified the materials into different proficiency levels. You can practice speaking according to your own abilities and needs. The pages provide you useful expressions to use in different situations.


1. BBC How to write
This website gives you handy tips for inspirations, structure and editing radio play, novel, memoirs and screenplay. Further useful links are provided for reference and exploring the genres. Meet the Writers shares with you the writing experiences of eight famous contemporary writers.

2. BBC Skillswise – Writing
A resourceful website on writing. Plenty of printable factsheets and worksheets on planning, paragraphing, proofreading, formatting and structuring. The website also contains a link to My Story, which is an excellent platform for you to share your stories and read others’ stories.

3. BBC GCSE Bitesize English
The website helps you prepare for GCSE English exam. It includes downloadable mock exam questions and exercises for the four language skills. The writing sections are well-developed with a variety of topics and step-by-step guides.

4. English Campus
English Campus is a popular website monitored by local teachers. The writing section under Practise offers you many links for online exercises and resources. They range from writing styles, tips, quizzes, games to common mistakes.

Writing skills related resources are categorised under Learn English: English Writing and ESL World: English Links for Writing. The sections are useful directories for learning different types of writing with easy-to-follow guides.


1. BBC: Learning English
An English learning site under the world’s largest broadcasting corporation. It features a selection of interesting English learning materials. You may choose to take quizzes, try new recipes, or read world news articles, most of which contain podcasts, downloadable MP3 listening tracks and PDF scripts.

2. BBC: UKChina
The BBC Chinese site. Its English learning section allows you to learn English through reading blogs, news articles, features, as well as listening to bilingual recordings with Chinese scripts, and even taking online English learning courses.

3. BBC: Skillswise Words – Listening
This site provides a listening skills training module with five major elements: factsheets, activities, games, quizzes, and worksheets. Its well-designed and interactive materials allow you to practise, boost, and consolidate your English listening skills step by step.

4. BBC: GCSE Bitesize – English
This site allows you to learn, practise and revise a wide range of focused and essential exam skills with which learners need to equip in order to tackle the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations. Notes, videos, tests, and mock exams are provided.

5. HKedCity: English Campus
The listening section in English Campus provides learners with a selection of online listening exercises and resources from external English learning websites with detailed descriptions and a user-friendly interface.

6. 明報英語網 MP English
The site features a collection of videos that cater a range of English learning topics to learners from all walks of life. All you need to do is to register as a member.

Its listening section provides a huge amount of resource that you can make use of. Be it special learning topics with YouTube clips, or selected works of poetry, listening to the materials and reading the focused skills notes guarantee the learner an engaging and fruitful learning experience.


1. BBC Skillswise – Grammar
Getting tired of learning grammar day after day? Now, this is a skill-oriented website tailor-made for second language learners of different levels like you! Go and learn “Double negatives”, “Using commas”, “Getting the right tense”, etc. to refresh yourself with a long list of grammar items!

2. BBC Learning English
“Words in the News”, “Face Up to Phrasal verbs”, “Grammar Challenge” and some of the interesting yet practical topics of this website. Grammar is no longer a headache for you!

Spare some time to learn more about “ESL Resources” at Some highly recommended topics are: “Pronunciation Power”, “8in1 English Dictionary”, “English Preposition List”.

4. English Campus
From this site you will find more than 100 grammar quizzes, exercises and tests for your practice at your own pace.


1. Top 10 Vocabulary Learning Resources
You’ll find a list of popular English vocabulary resources on the site. These vocabulary resources provide comprehensive instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.

2. Words in the News
This is an excellent vocabulary site provided by BBC. You can read most up-to-date news stories, learn the vocabulary in contexts by listening, reading and learning the meanings. Highly recommended.

3. Advanced / Proficiency Vocabulary Tests
These tests are advanced and therefore ideal for anyone brushing up on their vocabulary levels to pass examinations like IELTS, TOEFL with a good grade.

Professional English


1. BusinessEnglishSite.Com
This site contains a collection of grammar and vocabulary exercises for ESL learners. You’ll find exercises relating to accounting, sales and marketing, project management, interviews, information technology (IT), and more. Highly recommended.

2. Recommended (Business English) Links and Activities
You will find a collection of useful links for learning different skills of business English. These sites are compiled and recommended by


1. Telephone English – important phrases
There are a number of phrases and idioms that are only used when telephoning. If this area of English skills bothers you, no worries. You can take a good look at the example dialogues and learn how to communicate in English on the phone.

2. Telephone English – leaving messages
Sometimes, there may not be anyone to answer the telephone and you will need to leave a message. From this site you learn to say the right things to make sure that the person who receives your message has all the information he/she needs.

3. Telephone English: Tips for Getting People to Slow Down!!
One of the biggest problems communicating in English on the phone is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, seem to speak very quickly on the telephone. This site offers some practical tips for you to get native speakers of English to slow down so you can communicate better with them.

4. Telephone English Exercises
Scroll down this page and you’ll find a number of telephone English exercises. Samples of telephone dialogues were shown with up-to-date business vocabularies. Highly recommended!

Public Examinations


1. IELTS official website
This website provides official information about the test, such as the application procedures and administration of the test. It also contains IELTS Handbook which gives you comprehensive information about the requirements, criteria, band-scales and scoring method for each of the skills tests.

2. Road to IELTS
This website provides an overview of the format of each of the 4 skills tests in IELTS with audio-visual support. It also covers useful tips, practice exercises and language examples.

3. Free IELTS Practice Tests
This website gives you an opportunity to practice your English and familiarize yourself with the IELTS. The tests were prepared by IELTS professionals and will give you a good sense of what the IELTS test will be like.


This website provides information about the test format, registration (e.g. test centers, dates and fees) and advice for preparation. It also offers some good tips of handling the questions and a few sample questions.

2. Free TOEFL Test Preparation Exercises – Online Material
This website gives you free interactive examples of TOEFL test questions, and to explain the purpose and layout of the test. It also provides preparation materials for TOEFL with practice tests.

This website provides basic outline of various parts of the test, relevant exam skills, user’s guide, score descriptors, as well as, practice exercises.

4. Exam English
This web site is for people studying for an English language exam. These pages contain free online practice tests for the most important international ESL/EFL exams: IELTS, TOEFL, and the Cambridge ESOL exams such as CPE, CAE, FCE, and PET. You can also find out information about the different exams.

English For Fun

Picture Talks

1. ROTTEN TOMATOES: Movies – New Movie Reviews and Previews!
Check out the movies that have become the talk of the town! This comprehensive site offers all major English reviews on any given movie. Simply enter the title of a movie and you will find what movie critics around the world have to say about it.

2. Apple – Movie Trailers
Wanna learn English the fun way? The world of movie trailers is all you need. Feast your eyes on the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming releases while treating your ears to the amazing sounds of English.


1. Games Zone – online English language games
On this site are some English Language Games that you can play online. New ones will be put up from time to time, so keep checking to find what they have new for language gaming in English.

2. Tower of English Games
This site is a guide for those who are tired of classroom English and want to try something new in the wider world of games and activities.

3. Learn English Through Pictures
Are you a visual learner? Do you learn faster with pictures? If so, you can’t afford to miss out on this wonderful site where English comes alive with pictures!

Guys Aloud!

1. The Personality Page
Have you wondered what sort of person you are and what kind of life you really want? Take the Personality Questionnaire to discover your personality type and improve self-understanding while enhancing your English in the meantime. You can start by clicking on the icons at the top of the page.

2. Language Exchange: Hong Kong GeoExpat
Do you want to practice English with a native speaker free of charge? Visit this site and make friends with English speakers living in Hong Kong for language exchange opportunities! Brush up your English with your new non-local friends and more!

3. HK-magazine: a leading magazine of what’s hot and cool in Hong Kong
Here you can find out all there is to know about Hong Kong Restaurants and Dining ‧ Travel ‧ Health & Beauty ‧ Events ‧ Nightlife ‧ Film ‧ Interviews ‧ Columnists…

English Literature

1. What is Literature?
This video captures a few core questions concerning literature, and they can be summarized as: Where can we find literature? What are the forms of literature? What is the use of literature? What constitutes literature? What is the nature of literature? Very approachable and informative, a good start when you wish to start learning about literature.

2. Why should we care about literature?
Again, a brief definition of literature is provided in this clip. Moreover, it tells you why literature is important, as it is something closely connected to you and the world around, beyond you.

3. The Literature Network
You can find in this informative and approachable website authors’ biography, free e-texts, related links, and an interactive forum.

4. Literary Terms
An online glossary of literary terms.

5. Free audio books
Too tired to read? Why not just close your eyes, listen to the flow and rhythm of literature?This website contains a good collection of downloadable audio books for free.

6. Famous Quotes in English
Do you want to impress your teachers and English-speaking friends? Throw in a nice quote when you write or speak! Visit this site for abundant resources of quotes in English. One quote a day makes your English better day by day.