LLEC-Writing Contest: Grant me three items, please!
LUM Yiu Hin 冠軍
HO Pak Hei 季軍
WONG Chun Ho Nicholas 優異獎
LLEC-Video Speaking Competition2022-23
 CAI Beidi 冠軍
CHUNG Kar Yiu 亞軍
LEUNG Ho Yee 季軍
LLEC-Moved by Movies : Share THE Quote 2021-2022
 TAM Ka Lok 冠軍
 CHAN On Sang 亞軍
CHEUNG Tsz Ki 季軍
LLEC-Living in the moment- 1-minute video competition-2021-22
Theme: An unforgettable moment
CHEN Lai Kwan 冠軍
CHU Hei Yui 亞軍
Theme: A positivity boost
YIP Sui Yee 冠軍
TSOI Chiu Wai 亞軍
LLEC-Moved by Movies : Share THE Quote比賽 2020-2021
Zhang Ling 冠軍
Kung Cheuk Yiu 亞軍
Cheung Tze Ki 季軍
LLEC-Discovery!-video sharing contest-2020-2021
Theme: Dream destination
Ip Hiu Tung 冠軍
Chan Hoi Ching 亞軍
Theme: Exploring HK
Yuen Tin Wing 冠軍
Tsang Wun Hin 亞軍
《功夫系列》作品 (文章獲《思考香港》及作者授權轉載)
題目 作者
《功夫系列.序──香港功夫文化》 葉德平博士
《功夫系列–洪佛派在檳榔灣》 葉德平博士
《功夫系列一南少林五祖拳鐵臂功》 林迪祺
《功夫系列一・西藏白鶴派拳術》 李詠霖
《功夫系列一大聖劈掛門》 張智欣
《功夫系列一永春白鶴拳》 吳佩詩
《功夫系列一少林地蹚八卦門》 劉錦鴻
《功夫系列一陳氏太極拳》 陳曉東
《功夫系列一傅式太極拳》 蘇娟
《功夫系列一吳式太極拳的由來及歷史背景》 紀雪靖
《功夫系列·太極拳》 陳錦盈
《功夫系列·班中永春拳》 王泊鈞
《功夫系列‧永春拳》 何育婷
LLEC Instagram Contest 2018-2019
SUBANG Danielle Palaganas First Prize
LAM Yu Fai Second Prize
FUNG Jo Hang Jeff Third Prize
LLEC Presents: Reimagine Reading Articles Series 2018-2019
Name of Book Interviewee Interviewer & Writer
The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Find our Value in What We are Doing Dr. Ruby Lee (Assistant Director) Christine Yau (HD ENG)
The Kite Runner – It’s All about Family Love between Father and Son Kenneth Chan (DFS) Kelvin Wu (DFS)
The Hundred Secret Senses – It’s All about Sisterhood, Family Love and Identity Ms. Bethany Chan (English teacher) Subang Danielle Palaganas (HD ENG)
The Pursuit of Happyness – From Poverty and Violence to Wealth Mr. Dominic Ho (Senior Manager of TKO Learning Centre) Kelvin Wu (DFS)
To Kill a Mocking Bird – Humanity and Cruelty of Humankind Eleanora Liga (DFS) Gisele Leong (DFS)
The Freedom Writer’s Diary – A Life of Changes for Students Ms. Cherrie Wong (English teacher) Gisele Leong (DFS)
Reflections on the Imagination and the Reality of the World Kovick Or (HD ENG) Christine Yau (HD ENG)
If You Could See Me Now – When Two Worlds Collide Subang Danielle Palaganas (HD ENG) Cart Lam (HD ENG)
Happiness and Materialism — The Conclusion to Feminism Ms. Yumi Iida (Lecturer) Cart Lam (HD ENG)
“A Song of Ice and Fire” – Winter is Coming! Cart Lam (HD ENG) Danielle Palaganas Subang (HD ENG)
LLEC Instagram Contest 2017-2018
LAU Ho Yin Jacky Winner
YAU Yuen Tung Dominic Winner
LLEC Presents: Reimagine Reading Articles Series 2017-2018
Name of Book Interviewee Interviewer & Writer
Reading is the Soul of Study Dr. Ella Chan (Director) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Fighting for Freedom Dora Suen (Head of Marketing and Communications) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Beauty and Life in Flowers Carrie Cheng (Head of English and European Languages) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Create Your Own Path Gallant Lo (HD CHI) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Finding Hope in Fairytales Candy Ngai (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Fifteen Minutes of Fashion Mavis Tse (Assistant Lecturer) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
Lessons from ‘Paper Town’ Jessie Fan (HD ENG) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Reaching the Corners of the World Faith Ng (Assistant Lecturer) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Fighting for Her Own Right to Live Clarice Lui (HD ENG) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Is It As Simple As We Think? Bon Ho (Counsellor) Ocean So (HD ENG)
The Magic of Time Daniel Ma (HD CHI) Ocean So (HD ENG)
Kerouac’s True Travels Joseph Kwok (HD ENG) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Not as Crucial as Love Phoebe Ng (HD ENG) Ocean So (HD ENG)
The Spells of Harry Potter Alex Siu (HD ENG) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
Becoming a Bento Chef Fenela Ho (HD AJL) Ocean So (HD ENG)
History and Inequality in the Help Kayla Wong (HD THM) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Inspiration through Innovation Piers Kuan (Lecturer) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
No Life without Love Ocean So (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Learning from Real Life Experiences Gemma Lai (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Finding Truth in Memories Cilla Chan (HD ENG) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
LLEC Instagram Contest 2016-2017
TSANG Wing Yan First Prize
LEE Man Shuk Second Prize
CHAN Ohin Royce Third Prize
LLEC Instagram Contest 2015-2016
KWOK Ming Yee Jade First Prize
Angus CHENG Second Prize
Jennifer WONG Third Prize
微小說創作比賽 2015-2016
回眸一笑 LAU Ling Nui Champion
一念曙光 LAM Chi Fa First Runner-up
賭氣 LEUNG Ka Man Second Runner-up
CHOI Wing Ki Merit Prize
重逢 TAM Tsz Yan Merit Prize