The key to effective language learning is to turn it into your habit, or better, make it your hobby. Do come to our centers frequently, find the materials that fit your interests, and study them. This is how language learning becomes not only a part of your daily life, but even a fun experience.

Action does not only ‘speak’ louder than words, it works better. Don’t sit around and wait until it happens. Come along and make it happen!

Talk to our advisers, learn about the abundant resources offered by our learning centers and the internet, and march into your rewarding journey of self-access language learning.

Become a regular of the activities that the LLEC runs every month each semester. There must be something for you.

‘Independent learning’ please, never ‘lonely learning’. Bring your buddies along, our language advisers are always around. Come and experience the joy of language learning at the LLEC.