E-library catalogue is a one-stop searching system(here) where students can search for thousands of books, reference book, journals and movies in LLEC.

Students need to log in to their library account in order to use the e-library catalogue service. The following are the categories of our collections in LLEC:

.中文電影 DVD/CD(19)
.Business Writing(400)
.English; Examination ;IELTS ;Integrated Skills(235)
.English Fiction(79)
.Grammar Exercises(96)
.Job Search Skills(109)
.English Listening(17)
.English Learning Magazine(219)
.Movie DVD/CD(394)
.Dictionary/ Reference(94)
.English Studies(111)
.English Cultural Studies(82)
.English Vocabulary(103)
.English Writing(63)
.Japanese 字典、辭典(28)
.Other Language (Korean, Spanish)(77)

Please visit our e- Library Catalogue website.