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自九十年代開始,本學院已為香港、澳門不同類型的機構, 包括工商企業、慈善組織、非牟利機構、政府各部門及院校,設計及籌辦專業進修及培訓課程。憑著在優質持續及專業教育方面的豐富經驗, 以及擁有大量資深導師的教學團隊, 令學院瞭解企業員工所需的專業知識及技術,並設計課程加以配合。因此,學院舉辦的各項企業培訓課程均廣受歡迎, 尤以語文及翻譯、商業及管理,以及資訊科技課程反應最佳。









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藝術、設計、人文學科及應用科學: 王宇帆先生 (852) 2209 0211
商業及管理: 梁淑芬女士 (852) 3943 9125
醫療保健: 李華燕女士 (852) 3111 7269
語文及傳播: 杜加妮女士 (852) 3111 7246 / 陳華華女士 (852) 3111 7256
社會科學及教育: 胡潔茵女士 (852) 2209 0422
















System Analysis and Design 系統分析及設計

This course is designed for positions in managerial level who need to involve in information systems development to enhance office efficiency and work productivity. It aims to provide non-technical managers with the basic knowledge and skills in system analysis and design so as to facilitate them to support in the systems development process. Practical examples and case studies will be used to foster participants' understanding.

Key Topics

(1) Foundations of System Development; (2) Common Standards, Methodologies and Development Models; (3) An In-depth Elaboration on System Development Lifecycles (SDLC); (4) Practical Skills and Techniques for Successful System Development

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Mr. Andy Wong (852) 2209 0211



Leading Change 領導改變

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify key milestones in the change management process and sensitize themselves critical emotions during the change management process.

Key Topics
  1. Change Management Process
  2. Preparing for change
    • Define your change management strategy (i.e. to define the approach needed to mange change given the unique situation of the project or initiative)
    • Prepare your change management team
    • Develop your sponsorship model
  3. Managing change
    • Develop change management plans
    • Take action and implement plans
  4. Reinforcing change
    • Collect and analyse feedback
    • Diagnose gaps and manage resistance
    • Celebrate and recognize success
  5. Sharings of Real Life Cases in Hong Kong
  6. Change Management Plan Formulation
Duration 7.5 hours
Enquiry Ms. Cheung Yan-yan (852) 2209 0208



Leading for Team Innovation 領導創新團隊

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify characteristics of an innovative team, use simple ways to build an innovative team and enhance its effective operation and maintain the innovative sustainability.

Key Topics
  1. Pros and Cons of Team Innovation
  2. Characteristics of an Innovative Team
  3. Building an Innovative Team
    • Start by building a bigger box
    • Select the team for who they know as well as what they know
    • Pick a leader and provide him / her the autonomy he / she needs to be successful
    • Build a team that can both identify gaps in the market and markets in the gap
    • Find team members who tell great stories
  4. An Innovative Team Operates
    • Understand the difference between good and bad conflict
    • Supplement the innovation core team with an external provocateur
    • Remember to set goals and measure progress
    • Think like a startup entrepreneur
    • Ensure team members have "both feet in"
  5. How Successful Companies Sustain Innovation
    • Team-level Sustained Innovation
    • Organization-level Sustained Innovation
Duration 7.5 hours
Enquiry Ms. Cheung Yan-yan (852) 2209 0208



Coaching and Motivation 教練指導與激勵

The modern approach of management focuses more on people's hearts rather than just on their behavior pattern. Performance of people often relies on their ability to manage themselves effectively, to take the initiative to complete the duties efficiently, as well as to the degree being supervised and motivated by supervisors. Thus, coaching and motivating are effective tools for supervisors to maximize their staff's performance.

This workshop focuses on using the coaching approach to motivate subordinates in managing the team's performance.

Key Topics

(1) Definition of Coaching; (2) GROW Model; (3) The Art of Motivating Others; (4) Communicating and Motivating Subordinates Effectively; (5) Handling Problematic Subordinates

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Ms. Mandy Leung (852) 3943 9125



Strategic Project Management 策略性項目管理

Managing different projects is one of the inevitable duties for executives. Having the relevant knowledge and strategies is important for executives. This workshop aims to help executives to capitalize on the techniques and theories that managers can use to complete their projects. Participants will be able to develop their project management competency and be able to apply it in their workplace so as to maximize the profit of a company.

Key Topics

(1) Definition of Project Management; (2) Setting Target, Scope, Venue and Time; (3) Resource Allocation and Division of Labour; (4) Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager; (5) Implementation, Monitoring and Review of a Project; (6) Leadership and Communication

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Ms. Mandy Leung (852) 3943 9125



Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 如何解決問題及決策

Problems continually arise from work and from the people we work with. Effective problem solvers use appropriate techniques and tools to seek for alternative solutions and solve problems with limited available resources.


This workshop aims to direct participants to take appropriate attitudes and mindsets when they involve situation on problem solving and implement the best solutions. Through the process, participants will be able to seek and decide on possible alternative solutions to put forward for ultimate decision making.

Key Topics

(1) Concept of Creative Thinking; (2) Creativity Tools in Generating Options or Alternatives; (3) Problem Identification and Solutions Assessment; and (4) Decision Making Models

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Ms. Mandy Leung (852) 3943 9125



Leveraging your Supervisory Skills for Top Performance 高效能領導技巧

The 21st century is rather different from the previous centuries. Not only that the business environment is more competitive than ever, good corporations excel because of team work rather than individual performance. The staff no longer only performs routine work nowadays. They rather often face with projects they have never encountered before. They need skills to solve problems as well as expertise to make prudent decisions. Thus, a new set of supervisory skills is required so that supervisors can work with their subordinates better and provide the necessary leadership and support to them in order to maximize the team performance.


This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive framework on modern supervisory skills so that supervisors will have the relevant skill sets to cope with every day's challenges.

Key Topics

(1) Supervisory Skill in the 21st Century; (2) Enhancing Team Decision Making; (3) Managing Subordinates; (4) Enhancing Cross-generations Engagement; and (5) Handling Difficult and Challenging Staff

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Ms. Mandy Leung (852) 3943 9125



Occupational Safety and Health 職業安全及健康

Occupational safety and health is of paramount importance for any enterprise or organization to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, otherwise, costly risks and liabilities may result. Related workplace laws and regulations were enacted in Hong Kong decades ago. This course is to equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for identifying general occupational safety and health hazards and potential risks in workplaces.

Key Topics

(1) Introduction of the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance; (2) Accident Prevention and Investigation; (3) Process Control and Safety Precaution Measures; (4) Application the Safety Management System; (5) Pre-Work Risk Assessment (Checklist); (6) Hazard Identification Activity and Job related Exercise

Duration One-day programme
Enquiry Ms. Angela Lee (852) 3111 7269



English Business Writing 英語商業寫作

Training Course in Business English Writing aims to enhance participants’ English writing proficiency and their ability to spot writing errors. On completion of the course, it is hoped that students would be able to write effectively with appropriate words, structure, layout and sentence skills for different business documents. Materials used in this course would be authentic business documents, letters, leaflets and publications.

  • select appropriate writing styles for different types of business messages;
  • use appropriate stylistic and rhetoric;
  • write effectively with appropriate structure, format, tone, style and sentences in different types of business writing, such as letters, memos, complaints and e-mail;
  • reinforce the knowledge of different types of sentence structure, intonation and grammar.
Key Topics

(1) Knowledge of Business Writing; (2) Building Up a Powerful Vocabulary in Business Writing; (3) Format, Style and Layout; (4) Email & Memo; (5) Report Writing & Minutes; (6) Letter of Complaint & Handling Customers' Written Complaint; (7) Proposal; (8) Avoiding Redundancies and Overused Jargons

Duration 20 hours (10 sessions / 2 hours per session)
Enquiry Ms. Carol To (852) 3111 7246



English Presentation Skills 英語演講技巧

English Presentation Skills, covering both theories and speech exercises, aims at equipping participants with skills in giving effective presentations or talks to their colleagues or the public. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to identify contributing factors of effective presentations, apply skills learnt in their presentations and communicate accurately and professionally in business presentation and other oral communication contexts.

Key Topics

(1) Process of Preparing and Delivering an Effective Presentation; (2) Aims of Using AV; (3) Image and Professional Grooming in Handling Q & A; (4) Individual Exercises – Presentation

Duration 14 hours (2 days)
Enquiry Ms. Carol To (852) 3111 7246





  • 辨認及糾正常見錯誤,寫出清楚達意、措詞得當的句子;
  • 選擇及運用恰當形式及結構,寫出格式規範、條理分明的商業文書;
  • 選擇及運用恰當語體風格,使行文莊重得體、符合機構形象。

(1) 事務書信; (2) 酬酢書信; (3) 電郵、便箋; (4) 公告、佈告、通告、啟事、聲明; (5) 會議記錄; (6) 計劃書、建議書; (7) 規章; (8) 覆投訴信; (9) 宣傳單張、公司網頁、產品介紹; (10) 內地公文與文化

課程時數 24小時 (12節)
查詢 陳華華女士 (852) 3111 7256





  • 使用漢語拼音作為拼讀普通話的工具;
  • 以發音比較標準的普通話表達與工作相關的用語;
  • 以比較規範的詞彙及語言形式,在工作場合用普通話與人溝通。

(1) 介紹自己、機構、職位、工作範圍; (2) 應酬聊天、與工作相關時事討論; (3) 會議發言與討論; (4) 推介產品與服務; (5) 回覆查詢及投訴; (6) 接待內地客人; (7) 商務活動及商貿談判、語言表達禁忌; (8) 宴會、祝酒、演講

課程時數 24小時 (12節)
查詢 陳華華女士 (852) 3111 7256





  • 對粵音知識有一基本的了解,能使用(網上)字典作為自學的工具;
  • 掌握糾正懶音的方法,能以練習逐步改善發音的準確度及清晰度;
  • 辨認及糾正常見錯讀字,能使用比較標準的粵語與人溝通。

(1) 語音符號; (2) 粵音九聲; (3) 調聲法; (4) 粵語標音; (5) 日常錯讀字; (6) 文讀與白讀


課程時數 4小時 (半天)
查詢 陳華華女士 (852) 3111 7256





  • 基本掌握香港廣州話語音系統基礎知識,能使用字典作為自學工具;
  • 使用香港廣州話在日常生活中與人交際溝通,對本地生活及文化有較多認識;
  • 使用香港廣州話在工作場合與人溝通,提高工作效益。

(1)「漢語拼音方案」及「廣州話拼音方案」; (2) 聲母、韻母、聲調; (3) 香港廣州話詞彙及俗語; (4) 香港廣州話語法及句式; (5) 日常生活交際用語; (6) 商務活動交際用語; (7) 相關機構常用語

課程時數 24小時 (12節)
查詢 陳華華女士 (852) 3111 7256



Investigative Psychology 偵查心理學

Nowadays, people face a number of social problems at the workplace, e.g. sexual harassment, lying, theft, or gambling addiction. They will become pressures to one's family life and therefore ways to prevent and treatment of them are significant.


This training workshop aims to help participants understand the causes and identify ways to prevent the cases of sexual harassment, lying, theft, gambling addiction and suicide from a psychological approach. They will also be assisted to analyze the causes of family crises; and develop the skills for family crisis management.

Key Topics

(1) Definition of and ways to prevent and handle sexual harassment; (2) Lying & theft: Factors and Lie-detecting; (3) Gambling Addiction: Types, causes, prevention and treatment; (4) Conflict & Peacemaking in Family & Understanding Suicide

Duration 12 hours
Enquiry Ms. Wendy Wu (852) 2209 0422






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