Special Notice

On entering the Learning Centres of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS), all students and visitors are required to:


  1. Scan the LeaveHomeSafe venue QR code using the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app;
  2. Present their Vaccine Pass to show they have complied with the vaccination requirements.


You are also required to (i) Wear a face mask; (ii) Perform temperature screening, and; (iii) Use hand sanitizer. If you have a fever, feel unwell or are undergoing compulsory testing without proof of a negative nucleic acid test result, please refrain from coming to the Learning Centres. Thank you for your co-operation.

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Press Release

Applicants can claim their offer or apply for Higher Diploma Programme or Diploma Programme in Foundation Studies ONLINE

17 JUL 2020






學院亦特別設立Zoom網上課程諮詢專線,於7月22至31日(7月26日除外)期間,由學院講師即時解答有關課程及升學問題。同學亦可登入「升學資訊 All-in-One」平台 (www.cuscs.hk/afterdse) 收看各個高級文憑課程及基礎教育文憑課程的短片,進一步了解課程。