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**All our online and distance learning courses, either Postal or Online mode, will NOT provide live sessions. Students will learn through written course materials in distance learning mode. Some courses provide with pre-produced short videos. They will only cover the main points of the course but NOT the whole content.**


1. What is the admission requirement for Online and Distance Learning Programme?

Except otherwise specified, the Online and Distance Learning courses offered by the School are open to all applicants.

* For students who would like to join "E-Learning Korean Course (Level 2-6)", you are advised to complete a "Self-evaluation Exercise". 


2. I am not a Hong Kong resident, can I enrol in Online and Distance Learning courses?

People living abroad are welcome to join our Online and Distance Learning courses.  However,  students who wish to apply for courses in Postal Mode with non-local postal address, shall apply by paper form only and an extra postage of HK$200 must be paid. (Download Form).


3. What is Online and Distance Learning Programme? What kind of content does it include?

Students will receive written course materials and learn in distance learning mode. To facilitate student’s learning, textbooks* are required for some courses. Course materials generally comprise "Course Guide", "Course Notes" "Course Assignments" and "Study Schedule". Some online courses are provided with video clips. Students should read the Course Notes and Textbook (if any) and complete Course Assignments in accordance with the Study Schedule. Submitted assignments will be returned to students after instructor's marking.

* Students are required to purchase the textbook on their own.


4. What are the differences between Postal and Internet Mode?

The curriculum and content for any given course is exactly the same regardless of delivery mode. Students in Postal Mode will receive printed course materials and submit assignments by post while students in Internet Mode are required to download course materials and submit assignments via the learning platform. Students in Internet Mode may also interact with the course instructor and other classmates at discussion forum on the learning platform.


5. If both Postal and Internet Mode are offered for the course, how should I choose between the modes?

Students who wish to choose the Internet Mode should be computer-literate, familiar with downloading and uploading files, installing software or browser plug-ins, etc. For courses delivered in Chinese, students should be familiar with Chinese input methods to accomplish the assignments.


6. Is there any time restriction for the learning platform? Do students need to access at any particular time?

During the study period, students can access their account whenever they want without any time restriction.


7. What are the computer requirements for taking Internet Mode?

i. Processor - Pentium IV 2.0 GHz or above;
ii.  Memory - 1 GB or above;
iii. Operating system - Windows XP or above;
- Mac OS X 10.4 or above;
iv. Browser - Internet Explorer 8 or above;
- Chrome 17 or above;
- Firefox 12 or above;
- Mac Safari 4.0 or above;
v. Software - Microsoft Office 2003 or above;
- The latest version of Acrobat Reader DC which is free downloaded from;
- For online courses with video clips, it is required to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player which is free downloaded from;
vi. Internet - Broadband or high-speed internet access is strongly recommended

* For students who would like to join "E-Learning Korean Course", please refer to the Q.6 "Minimum PC Requirements" of the respective course.


8. Does the learning platform support smart phones or tablets?

Except "E-Learning Korean Course", our learning platform supports smart phones or tablets with Android 4 or greater with Chrome and Apple iOS 4 or greater Safari. Moreover, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed for opening PDF files. Make sure that your smart phones or tablets will have sufficient storage space for downloading course materials and uploading assignments.


9. Is the fee refundable after enrolment?

Fee paid are not refundable unless the enroled course is full or cancelled.


10. Is there any discount for alumni?

Yes, the School offers a 20% discount to alumni of CUHK or CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes, Top-up Degree Programmes, or Certificate and Diploma/Professional Programmes who wish to enrol in the General Courses.


11. Can students transfer to another course or delivery mode after enrolment?

Unless the enroled course is full or cancelled, transfer of enrolment from one course (or delivery mode) to another can only be made subject to the approval of the School, and an administrative charge of HK$100 is required.  Such request must be made at least a week before the commencement date of the enroled course (Download Form).


12. When will students receive course materials or user account of the learning platform?

Students in Postal Mode will receive printed course materials by post 1 – 2 days prior to course commencement. For the Internet Mode, the log-in information will be emailed to students 1 – 2 days prior to course commencement. The email may be filtered to your junk mail, so please check there as well.


13. How long does a course last?

It varies. Each course normally lasts for 12 – 16 weeks.


14. How long do students need to study each week?

Due to students' diversity, it is recommended that students should spend 2 – 3 hours every week on reading notes or textbook and preparing for assignments. Students may refer to the Study Schedule for details of progress suggested.


15. If students have questions about the course content or assignments, how can they contact the course instructors?

Students in Internet Mode can post their questions on Discussion Forum on the learning platform; email to the instructors directly, or send the inquiries to programme team by email ( or fax (852-2603-6565). The programme team will forward their questions to the course instructors.

For students in Postal Mode can send their questions to the programme team by post (Online and Distance Learning,  6/F, Railway Plaza, 39 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong), or fax (852-2603-6565), or email ( The programme team will forward their questions to the course instructors.


16. Can students apply for several courses at one time?

Yes. However, time management is important for students who wish to apply for more than one course as they are required to complete assignments for each course.


17. How many assignments does a course have?

There are usually 2 – 5 assignments for one course. Students are required to complete and submit the assignments on or before the deadline specified in the Study Schedule.



19. How long does it take for course instructors to mark the assignments?

The turnaround time for assignments is 4 – 6 weeks. The School reserves the right not to mark any late assignments.


20. Is there any examination for online and distance learning courses?

There is no examination for all online and distance learning courses.


21. What kind of award can students achieve after completing the course?

All our distance learning courses are general short courses but NOT award-bearing. Students who achieve a pass in at least 70% of all assignments can apply for a “Certificate of Completion” within one year upon completion of the course. An administration fee of HK$50 will be charged on every request (Download Form). The course, “880162 Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Online Introduction”, does not provide assignments. Students who complete at least 70% of online chapters can apply for a “Certificate of Attendance” within one year upon completion of the course. An administration fee of HK$50 will be charged on every request (Download Form).


22. When should students purchase textbooks or borrow from public libraries?

Textbooks are required for some courses and are on student’s own expenses. The School will NOT acquire textbooks for students. Most textbooks are available in local or online bookstores.  Students are advised to check the supply and price of the textbooks with bookstores in advance, then purchase the textbook or borrow from public libraries after receiving the course materials.


23. If students cannot find the textbook in local bookstores, what should they do?

Students can make a purchase order in local bookstores for out-of-stock textbooks. It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. Students can also buy the textbook through online bookstores or borrow from public libraries. The study schedule can be adjusted if extra time is required for textbook delivery.

For further enquiries, please contact the Online and Distance Learning Programme Team
Enquiry: 2209 0226