Special Notice


Health and Safety Measures at CUSCS

Given the continued novel coronavirus hazard, the School has the following arrangements:

  1. Higher Diploma & Diploma in Foundation Studies Programmes - All classes will continue to be conducted via ZOOM and MOODLE. We will revert to face-to-face classes when situation permits.
  2. Part-time Continuing Education Programmes - All classes will be suspended until 1 March 2020. Online teaching will be arranged for specific courses, and concerned students will be informed individually.

  3. Learning Centres and Over-the-Counter Service - All CUSCS Learning Centres will be closed until March 1, 2020. During this period, limited services on over-the-counter enquiries and enrollment will be provided from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

(Updated on February 14, 2020)

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eLearning Support for Teachers

This page is valid for the period 3 Feb 2020 - 2 Mar 2020



Demonstration on Panopto, Zoom and Moodle



Moodle and VeriGuide


Panopto Class Session Recording (via Moodle)

During the 1st semester, we have been using the Panopto service provided by CUHK. Please note that starting from 2nd semester, we are switching to use our own subscribed version of Panopto (CUSCS Panopto). Below are a few highlights on the changes:


  1. Instructors could only access the new CUSCS Panopto via Moodle (i.e. single sign-on via Moodle).
  2. The previous sets of username (e.g. SCS-A147) and URL (i.e. cuhk.ap.panopto.com) should NOT be used again.
  3. You don’t need to wait for ITS to send you the video links and put it on Moodle manually. Videos recorded will be AUTOMATICALLY listed on the Moodle Course Page. (If you want to record a video but only wish to publish it at a later time, please select ‘My Folder’ before you start the recording. The ‘My Folder’ is a private folder which is only accessible to you. For details, please refer to Part A Step 13 of the attached user guide).
  4. Trimming of videos could be done via Panopto’s Video Editor.
  5. Instructors could upload other video / audio files to Panopto and share with students.


The User Guide and Demo Video on Panopto recording are listed below. You can follow the steps to access Moodle and then record videos using Panopto Recorder at home. If you wish to come back to learning centres to use Panopto in classroom, please contact your Programme Administrators for reservation of classroom.




Online Class

Depends on the needs, you can perform online class by using Panopto webcasting or Zoom.


Panopto webcasting (via Moodle)



Apart from Panopto, we would also like to introduce another application ‘Zoom Meeting’ to you. Unlike Panopto, Zoom could provide more interactivities with students, e.g. students can speak through student’s devices, teachers pass the control to student for sharing student’s screen/voice (student presentation).  


However, unlike CUHK Zoom for FT teachers, PT instructors can only use a free Zoom account that is registered by instructor themselves.  For details, please refer to Part B-sign up a Zoom free account of Zoom User Guide.  For FREE Zoom account, there is a time limit of 40 minutes for each online session with students (more than 1 student).



Comparison - Panopto Webcasting VS Zoom

  Panopto Webcasting Zoom
Share Screen Yes Yes
Support Webcam Yes Yes

For all FT/PT teachers

(in Moodle).

For FT teachers, using CUHK login for CUHK Zoom.

For PT teachers, register own free Zoom account with class time limit of 40 min per session.
Interactivities with students Only Text-based discussion with students. More interactivities with students, e.g. students can speak through student’s devices, teachers pass the control to student for sharing student’s screen/voice (student presentation).
Access path Access through Moodle courses. Access through Zoom account and create separate meeting link for students.
Class Recording Record the class session automatically and share it through Moodle course for revision and students who have not attended the online class.

Need to start and setup Panopto recording together with Zoom, some setup and steps required.

It is not recommended to use the CUHK Zoom Cloud to record the class recording as it is only used for CUHK programmes only.



Communicate with Students

  1. Class announcement with email notifications to students in Moodle
  2. Discussion forum in Moodle
  3. Instant chat in Moodle


You can find the related user guides in:



Technical Support

  • Moodle and VeriGuide:
    Please send email to moodle-admin@scs.cuhk.edu.hk
  • Panopto:
    Please send email to panopto-admin@scs.cuhk.edu.hk
  • Zoom:
    Please send email to zoom-admin@scs.cuhk.edu.hk
  • Recording in Learning Centres:
    If you need assistance while recording by using Panopto or Zoom in our learning centres, you may call the ITS support hotline during office hours as below:

    Office Hours (3 Feb - 23 Feb)
    Mon - Fri: 9am - 1pm,  2pm - 6pm
    Sat - Sun: No onsite support services.

    OC/EOC hotline: 61125791
    BAT hotline: 61125792
    TKO hotline: 61125793