Special Notice

Special Notice on Class Arrangement at CUSCS Central Learning Centre (14 October 2019) 


Please note that evening classes originally scheduled for CUSCS Central Learning Centre at Bank of America Tower will be relocated.  Please click here for details.  Students will be contacted by email and by SMS individually.  We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Online and Distance Learning


Your Connection to Knowledge – Learning Anytime


Life is not just about labouring and work; through life-long learning, we could understand the world and different domains of knowledge more, enrich our living, and broaden our vision and dreams.  During the past decades, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed numerous online and distance learning courses for those who are eager to enrich and enhance themselves in their spare time. Our online and distance learning courses cover subjects in foundations of Language, Business and Management, IT, Arts, Psychology, Culture, Library Studies, Nutrition etc. While pursuing professional development and career success, you can learn to balance your personal and social life and to improve your health. Our distance learning courses are delivered in Postal and Internet Mode. Some online courses are provided with course materials in video clips so as to bring you an interactive mode of learning to suit your busy schedule.



Courses for July to December 2019

Postal Mode Jul Sep  Nov
Enrolment Deadline 15/07 09/09 11/11
Commencement Date 29/07 23/09



Internet Mode Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Enrolment Deadline 15/07 12/08 09/09 14/10 11/11 09/12
Commencement Date 22/07 19/08 16/09 21/10 18/11 16/12


Important Notes

  • Except otherwise specified, the Online and Distance Learning courses offered by the School are open to all applicants.
  • People living abroad are welcome to join our Online and Distance Learning courses.  However, students who wish to apply for courses in Postal Mode with non-local postal address, shall apply by paper form only and an extra postage of HK$200 must be paid. (Download Form).
  • Fees paid are NOT refundable. Transfer of enrolment from one course (or delivery mode) to another can only be made subject to the approval of the School and payment of an administrative charge of HK$100. The application must be made no less than one week before the commencement date of the enrolled course (Download Form).
  • Textbooks are required for some courses and are on student’s own expenses. The School will NOT acquire textbooks for students.
  • Some courses are supplemented with tutorial(s)/workshop(s) which are normally scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays at our Learning Centres.
  • Students applying for the Internet Mode must provide a valid e-mail address.