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FAQs and Tips - eLearning Support for Teachers



1. How to take attendance in Zoom?


Panopto has its own Statistics in which you could may determine student’s attendance level from it. However, Zoom lacks attendance report / statistics. You can prepare a student list by yourself, and do a roll call / mark against the "participants list" in Zoom at the beginning of the zoom meeting, just like you what you did in a face-to-face lesson.


2. How to enable "breakout room" function on the Zoom Web Portal?


The "breakout room" function may not be enabled by default. If you couldn’t find the "Breakout Room" button on the Zoom menu bar, please follow this page to enable it on your Zoom Web Portal:


3. Why the left right side is flipped when using Zoom?


When using Zoom, you will find that the left right side is flipped especially showing handwritings. To disable this mirror effect, after opening Zoom, you can click "Video > Video Settings..." and uncheck the checkbox "Enable mirror effect". 





1. Why there are some delays when using Panopto Webcast?


Unlike Zoom Meeting, Panopto Webcast uses broadcasting technology. Students may observe some delay (typically 1-2mins). It is a normal behaviour and should not affect the student’s Panopto Webcasting experience.


2. How to share my screen when using Panopto Webcast?


When students view the Panopto Webcast on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone / iPad / Android devices), they could only see your primary video source (which is by default your webcam). That means if you share BOTH your WEBCAM and your SCREEN, students using mobile devices will ONLY SEE YOUR WEBCAM, BUT NOT YOUR SCREEN.


To fix this, please ONLY SHARE YOUR MAINSCREEN in a Panopto Webcast. To do so, before you press the ‘Record’ button to start your webcast, please do the following:

  1. Set the ‘Primary Video Source’ as ‘None’
  2. Uncheck the ‘Capture PowerPoint’ checkbox
  3. Make sure the ‘Capture Main Screen’ is checked

Panopto Webcast Share Screen Settings

This will ensure your students could view your computer screen in the webcast.

(Note: This limitation only affects a LIVE Panopto Webcast. It does not affect off-line Panopto Recordings)


3. Why "Percent Complete" shows nothing when using Panopto Webcasting?


It is a limitation of Panopto Webcasting, i.e. "Percent Complete" can't show the % that viewer joining that Panopto Webcasting.


4. Inside Moodle, where is the "Panopto Video" folder?


If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows platform, you may not see the "Panopto Video" folder on Moodle page due to incompatibility issue. Please switch to Google Chrome browser.

If you are using Safari on MacOS platform, you may not see the "Panopto Video" folder due to the ‘Cookie disabled’ error message. Please disable the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ setting in Safari:

Panopto Safari Settings


5. Why the video is not smooth when using Panopto?


To ensure a smooth playback, we suggest you to view videos on a PC with wired network, or mobile devices on Wi-Fi with strong signals instead of cellular network. And make sure the processing power of your device is not occupied by other software. Quit any unnecessary applications while view a Panopto webcast. For more detail on troubleshooting issues while viewing videos, please refer to this support page:

6. What are the meanings of those figures under Panopto Analytics?


Views and Downloads:

  • Each time a user initiates to watch a session and each time the session is downloaded both add to this number.

Minutes Delivered:

  • Total time of content that was delivered to the user, note that a download would be one count of the full length of the session.

Average Minutes Delivered:

  • Average length of content delivered to the user per viewing, also equal to Minutes Delivered / Views and Downloads

Percent Complete:

  • After discounting repeated timeframes (e.g. watching 0:00 to 1:00 multiple times), what % of the session has been delivered to the user.







1. Bring your user guide with you

Even you are getting more and more familiar with the flow of using Panopto and Zoom, sometimes you may forget some minor steps. If you have our step-by-step user guides ready (may it be in printed / electronic form), you can refer to it and get back on track easily.


2. Wear a mask when on-site support

Facial expression maybe crucial to your lecturing. It’s fine to uncover your face during your session with webcam enabled. But we should be aware of good personal hygiene at all times, especially when colleagues are supporting you on-site. Wear a mask to protect yourself and your colleagues.