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Higher Diploma Programmes Inauguration Ceremony 2016

06 SEP 2016

Freshmen begin a new chapter at CUSCS

Professor Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, encourages students to polish communication skills and develop a sense of humor

Dr Ella Chan, Director of CUSCS, reminds students of the importance of persistence in failures by quoting the examples of Olympic athletes

Martina Law (Higher Diploma in Health Care), a recipient of Outstanding Academic Performance Awards, shares her learning experience at CUSCS

Tiffany Lee (Higher Diploma in English Studies) shares her experience as an intern at the Legislative Council

Dr Ella Chan (left from middle), Director of CUSCS, and Dr Alex Ng (right from middle), Associate Director, congratulate the scholarship recipients articulating to CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes from Diploma Programme in Foundation Studies