1 What is the admission requirement for E-Learning Korean Course? Except otherwise specified, E-Learning Korean Course offered by the School is open to all applicants.
2 I am not a Hong Kong resident, can I enroll E-Learning Korean Course? People living abroad are welcome to participate in E-Learning Korean Course.
3 What is E-Learning Korean Course? What kind of content does it include? E-Learning Korean Course is an online learning Korean course with face-to-face tutorials (optional for students who reside in Hong Kong only). All learning contents are tailored made for self-learning in a cyber space at one’s own pace. The learning materials focus on training of reading, writing, and listening abilities. Students participating in the optional face-to-face tutorials are provided with speaking and listening practices at CUSCS learning centres.
4 The E-Learning Korean Course will be taught in Chinese? This course will be taught in Korean, supplemented with Chinese (Mandarin Only) and English.
5 How can I enroll myself with the most suitable level of E-Learning Korean Course? Students who intend to take Level 2 or above are suggested to complete respective Self-evaluation Exercise before enrollment so as to ensure they select the appropriate level of course. The minimum score suggested for students on each level is 50 in the exercise.
6 Is there any time restriction for the learning platform? Do I need to access at any particular time? During the study period, students can access their account whenever they want without any time restriction.
7 What are the PC requirements for taking E-Learning Korean Course? Minimum PC requirements

  • Hardware

Central Processing Unit (CPU): 1.4GHz
Memory (RAM): 1GB
Hard Disk (HDD): 10GB

  • Software

Operating System (OS): Windows XP SP3 or more updated version
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 – 11

  • Network Bandwidth: 3Mbps or above

This is not fully supported by other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

8 Does the learning platform support smart phones or tablets? No, please log in from a computer with Internet access.
9 Is the fee refundable after enrolment? Fee paid is not refundable unless the enrolled course is full or cancelled.
10 When will I receive course materials or user account of the learning platform? Information of log-in account for LMS and Moodle will be emailed to students 2 working days prior to course commencement.
11 How long does a course last? The maximum period of study is six months for each level.
12 How long do I need to study each week? It varies. If students study two hours per week, it takes about three months to complete each level.
13 If I have questions about the course content or assignments, how can I contact the course instructors? Students can send their questions through CUSCS Moodle or email scs-ekorean@cuhk.edu.hk.
14 Can I register for several courses at one time? Yes.
15 How many assignments does a course have? One final assignment is required for each level.
16 Can I re-submit my assignments if I am dissatisfied with the results or even fail the course? No.
17 Is there any examination for E-Learning Korean Course? There is no examination for E-Learning Korean Course.
18 If courses are offered with optional tutorial(s), how can I know about the date and time? Do I need to enroll for the tutorial(s)? All information including tutorial schedule will be provided on Moodle. Students are required to enroll for the tutorial session(s) in advance. Tutorial(s) is normally scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays at a CUSCS Learning Centre. The School reserves the right to change or cancel the tutorial session(s) subject to the enrolment number.
19 If I cannot attend the scheduled tutorial(s) or workshop(s), can I have make-up classes or watch recorded video clips? No make-up classes or video clips will be provided.
20 What kind of certificate can I have after completing the course? A Certificate of Completion will be issued both from CUSCS and Kyung Hee Cyber University after completion of the course.

1) PASS in the final assignment within the study period i.e. 6 months &
2) Students must complete at least 50% of the online chapters.

21 Do I have to purchase textbooks or borrow textbooks from public libraries? Students can learn Korean through the Korean E-Learning platform without textbooks but learning Korean with textbooks enables students to obtain extensive knowledge and practices.
22 What if I forgot the log-in ID and password? Please contact the programme team. Email: scs-ekorean@cuhk.edu.hk or 3111 7276
For further enquiries, please contact the Korean Programme Team.


Email: scs-ekorean@cuhk.edu.hk
Enquiry Number:  3111 7276