What is special about E-Learning Korean Course?

The first blended learning course for Korean language in Hong Kong
  • online course materials fully supported by the Learning Management System (LMS) of Kyung Hee Cyber University
  • online consultation supported by CUSCS Korean instructors
  • optional face-to-face tutorial sessions offered by CUSCS in Hong Kong


Why study E-Learning Korean Course jointly provided by CUSCS & Kyung Hee Cyber University?

The first course series offered in collaboration by two of the most prominent Korean language education institutes.
  • As the pioneer of Korean language provider in Hong Kong, CUSCS is committed to promoting Korean language education and culture over a decade. CUSCS has already nurtured more than 17,000 graduates. In recent years, about 2,000 students study Korean language and culture courses with CUSCS per year. Many of our graduates continue their studies in Korea and play an important role in the Korean-related business sector. [CUSCS Korean programmes]
  • Established in 2001, Kyung Hee Cyber University (KHCU) is an affiliated institute with Kyung Hee University. As one of the most well-known online education institutions in Korea, KHCU provides a wide spectrum of online undergraduate and graduate programmes. The university was awarded ‘1st Prize for Cyber University, Korea Brand Index 2016’ and ‘Excellent Prize 2015 Cyber University and Learning Practice Award’. KHCU is highly evaluated in the field of Korean language education for non-Korean speakers.


What experience should I expect from E-Learning Korean Course?

This course enables students to learn Korean in a non-traditional and relaxing mode.
  • Self-directed model with maximum learning flexibility and accessibility
  • Step-to-step online coaching of Korean language skills
  • Blended Korean culture contents and multiple means for explanation and illustration (i.e. captioned dialogues, animated characters, etc)
  • Online achievement test at all levels for self-evaluation of learning progress
  • Multilingual (Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean) learning guides
  • Clear learning ladder aligned with CUSCS Korean learning programmes which make shifting to in-depth face-to-face model of Korean studies possible

E-Learning Korean @ Hong Kong

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