Diploma Programme in Community Care

Population ageing in Hong Kong is progressing at a rapid pace. Local residential care services have been facing acute shortage of manpower with a high vacancy rate of front-line care workers. To address this workforce demand, CUSCS offers the Diploma Programme in Community Care (DCC) to nurture well-trained and qualified practitioners for joining the industry of community and residential care services.

DCC is designed to provide a broad-based education in aged care services with solid training of generic skills in language, communication and information technology. The programme ensures students ample opportunities to experience real-life operations and gain hands-on clinical experience through engagement in field trips, simulation training and practicum. The extensive learning exposure will empower students to develop their career or pursue study in the field of health care and related disciplines. The DCC Programme is approved by the Social Welfare Department as a ‘Training Course for Health Worker in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly’. Graduates are eligible for registration as Health Worker with the Department upon attaining specific requirements.

Balanced curriculum with focused skills and knowledge on residential care services and nursing practices

Practicum at care and attention homes to understand industry operations and knowledge in related fields

Training Course for Health Worker in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly recognized by Social Welfare Department

Commitment to society through engagement in field trips and voluntary services

Competent language and communication skills for employment and study

Projected proportion of elderly persons in 2039

Projected manpower requirement of related industries in 2027

No. of vacancies in industry of human health and residential care services in 2022

*Source: Census and Statistics Department ‘Hong Kong Population Projections 2020-2069’, ‘Report on Manpower Projection to 2027’, ‘Quarterly Report of Employment and Vacancies Statistics (Third Quarter 2022)’