Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of DCC Programme, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective language skills for employment and further study;
  • Enhance generic skills in interpersonal communication and digital competence;
  • Apply professional knowledge and concepts in community care and nursing fundamentals;
  • Identify their potentials, interests and strengths as well as develop capacity for future career and personal development.


The DCC Programme comprises 11 courses and a block of practicum at care and attention homes with a total of 36 units. Students shall normally complete the programme in one year on a full-time basis.

Language Skills

  • English Communication: Listening & Speaking
  • English Communication: Reading & Writing
  • Practical Chinese Writing

Communication & Application

  • Information Technology Applications
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Career and Personal Planning

Community Care

  • Introduction to Residential Care Services for the Elderly
  • Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing Practice
  • Fundamentals in First Aid and Nutritional Care
  • Fundamentals in Nursing Care
  • Community Care and Wellbeing for the Elderly


  • 40 hours conducted at care and attention homes

Medium of Instruction

English and Chinese

Assessment and Award

Performance of students is monitored and assessed on a continuous basis through assessment tools such as exercises, assignments, projects, presentations, class participation, tests, and examinations.

To qualify for the award of Diploma in Community Care, students must:

  • have an attendance rate of 70% or above for each course; and
  • pass the assessments of each course; and
  • attain a cumulative GPA of at least 1.50

Multiple Pathways

  • Upon successful completion of the DCC Programme, students could pursue a career in the field of health care.

  • Graduates will also be eligible to progress to the Higher Diploma Programmes offered by CUSCS. Articulation Scholarship is awarded to full-time Diploma graduates who commence the Programme in AY2023-24 and successfully complete it in one academic year with outstanding academic performance. They will be eligible for the Scholarship at the amount of HK$5,000 for progressing to the CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes.


Professional Qualification

The DCC Programme is approved by the Social Welfare Department as a ‘Training Course for Health Worker in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly’. Graduates upon attaining the following requirements are eligible for registration as Health Worker with the Department.

  • With completion of Form Five of secondary education or equivalent qualifications;
  • Have successfully completed DCC Programme;
  • Have an attendance rate of 90% or above for the specialized courses of community care;
  • Have an attendance rate of 100% for site visit and practicum; and
  • Obtain 60% or above of the total scores in test/ exam/ skill assessment of the specialized courses of community care.


Telephone: 3943 9057 / 3943 9015 / 3943 9138
Fax: 2770 8275
E-mail: scs-dipcc@cuhk.edu.hk