The Diploma Programme in Community Care (DCC) offered by CUSCS encompasses a blending of theoretical knowledge and practical application in residential care services with extensive experiential learning opportunities, including site visits and simulation-based training. Students will gain access to an innovative VR technological platform with real-case simulated scenarios, through which they could enhance fundamental skills in nursing practice (e.g. lifting and transfer, feeding skills) and improve learning efficacy of practicum.

The DCC Programme is approved by the Social Welfare Department as a ‘Training Course for Health Worker in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly’. Graduates upon attaining the following requirements are eligible for registration as Health Worker with the Department.

  • With completion of Form Five of secondary education or equivalent qualifications;
  • Have successfully completed DCC Programme;
  • Have an attendance rate of 90% or above for the specialized courses of community care;
  • Have an attendance rate of 100% for site visit and practicum; and
  • Obtain 60% or above of the total scores in test/ exam/ skill assessment of the specialized courses of community care.

“The comprehensive curriculum covers community care knowledge for training professional health workers to serve the community.

 The programme offers students diverse pathways for their further study or career development.”

Professor TANG Wing Ki, Fiona
Associate Professor (Practice in Nursing), The Nethersole School of Nursing, CUHK