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Psychology & Counselling

Professional Diploma Programme in General Counselling

Course No. : 241-711100-01|Start Date : 24/05/2024

Admission Requirements

Applicants should have:
1. Satisfactory completion of an Associate Degree / Higher Diploma / Professional Diploma (Level 4) programme; or
2. Bachelor's degree holders or equivalent.


SCS instructor

Language Used

Classes will be conducted in Cantonese, supplemented with English. Learning materials and assessments will be in English.

Total Hours

202 Hours


Central Learning Centre

Start Date



Every Wednesday & Friday


19:00 - 22:00

Application Fee


Tuition Fee



Advanced Diploma / Professional Diploma

QF Level


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QR Registration Validity Period

01/09/2015 - Ongoing

Course Enquiries

3111 7278 / 3111 7230[JavaScript encoded]

Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

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Application Closed


In an urbanized society, people are facing rapid changes and then pressures arising from family, work and the society. People are confronted with problems of traumatic life events and different mental health issues. Counselling is a great way to work through these problems.
This Professional Diploma Programme is specially designed for nurses, church leaders, teachers, policemen, managers, trainers in business and industry, community and youth workers, and other personnel working in a helping or caring profession who may not have prior professional training in counselling.


The Programme is intended to meet the following objectives:
1) To equip participants with knowledge and skills in becoming an effective helper;
2) To help participants understand significant human development, personality and counselling theories;
3) To provide participants with substantial training and practice in applying counselling skills.

Course Contents

Participants can complete the Programme within 12-14 months from the date of registration at SCS, CUHK. There are 6 modules in the Programme (total 202 hours):
1. Introduction to Psychology (29 hours)
2. Human Growth and Personality Development (21 hours)
3. Understanding Abnormality (21 hours)
4. Counselling Theories and Approaches (29 hours)
5. Counselling Skills in Practice and Ethical Issues (51 hours)
6. Practicum Supervision (51 hours)

Module 1 Introduction to Psychology

Present a comprehensive introduction to general and experimental psychology to participants:
1. History and nature of psychology
2. Neurobiological basis of psychology
3. Psychological development
4. Sensation and perception
5. Motivation and emotion
6. Learning and memory
7. Language and thought
8. Conflict and stress
9. Social behavior

Module 2 Human Growth and Personality Development

Explore major theories of human growth and development in the realm of psychology:
1. Overview of lifespan developmental psychology
2. Freud’s theory of personality development
3. Erikson’s approach to personality development
4. Development of perception, language and
5. Cognitive and behavioral perspectives
6. Humanistic approaches

Module 3 Understanding Abnormality

Explore and examine major patterns of abnormal behaviors and psychological disorders:
1. Definitions and patterns of abnormal behaviors and psychological disorders
2. Emotional and behavioral disorders
3. Psychotic and cognitive disorders
4. Mental Retardation and Autism

Module 4 Counselling Theories and Approaches

Examine and critically explore major theories of counseling:
1. Contemporary practice of Psychodynamic theories
2. Experiential approaches
3. Cognitive-behavior approaches
4. Constructivist approaches

Module 5 Counselling Skills Practice and Ethical Issues

Explore and acquire fundamental skills in counselling and understand important ethical issues in the profession:
1. Essentials of a counselling relationship
2. Micro skills in counselling
3. Important values and professional ethics in counselling

Module 6 Practicum Supervision

Explore and practice basic skills of counselling:
1. Workshops
- Depression
- Personality difficulties
- Marital conflicts
- Parenting skills
- Adjustment in old age
- Social skills training
2. Counselling practice experiences
3. Self-understanding workshops


A minimum of 70% attendance in each module, including practicum, is required.

Award of Certificate

Participants will be awarded the “Professional Diploma in General Counselling” upon fulfilling the following requirements:
1. A minimum of 70% attendance in each module, including
practicum, is required; and
2. Assessment:Participants must pass the assessment of
each module.

Professional Affiliation Prospect

Graduates who are bachelor degree holders may apply for associate members of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association.


Subject to the decision of a selection committee, the School reserves the right to make alterations regardsing the instructor, time, place and content of courses offered when necessary.


The School reserves the right to make alterations regarding the instrutor, time , place and content of courses offered when necessary.

Continuing Education Fund

This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 4).
CEF Course Code: 44F121358
CEF Course Name: Professional Diploma in General Counselling