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Self-Directed Learning Series: E-Learning Korean Grammar - Basic 1
自主學習系列 : 韓語文法在線 - 初級1

Course No. : 242-850841-12|Start Date : 03/06/2024

This course will be delivered in Internet Mode.

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Course Enquiries

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Enrolment Enquiries

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Closing Date for Application


Mode of Delivery

This course is fully conducted in Internet mode and will provide with 'Course Guideline', and 'Course Assignment'.


E-Learning Korean Grammar is offered in collaboration with CUSCS and Kyung Hee Cyber University, Korea. This course enables students to learn Korean in a non-traditional and relaxing mode. Students in this online course enjoy the self-directed mode with maximum learning flexibility and accessibility provided by the Learning Management System (LMS) and optional face-to-face tutorial sessions offered by CUSCS in Hong Kong.

This course is an introduction to Korean Grammar. It is not an introduction to the very basics of the Korean Language.

We will of course cover the basics with supplementary notes as a summary and a way for self-study, but we will not teach the basics of the Korean alphabet.

It is highly recommended for students to know the very basics of the Korean alphabet before applying for this Korean Grammar course.

Medium of Instruction

Korean (Chinese, English, Japanese subtitles)

Course Outline

1. (Noun)입니다 (noun)입니까?
2. (Noun)은/는
3. (Noun)이에요/예요
4. (Noun)이/가
5. (Noun)의
6. (Noun)이/가 아니다
7. (Verb)습니다/ㅂ니다.
8 (Noun)을/를
9 이/그/저 (noun)
10. Number of Chinese characters
11. Number of native words
12. (Verb)아/어요
13. (Noun)에①
14. (Noun)하고
15. Unit noun
16. ㅂ irregularity
17. (Noun)은/는②
18. 안(Verb), (Verb)지 않다
19. (Noun)에서
20. (Verb)고①
21. (Noun)에②
22. (Noun)도
23. (Verb)았/었
24. (Motion verb)고②
25. (Motion verb)고 싶다
26. (Motion verb)고 싶어 하다
27. (Motion verb)(으)세요, (으)십시오
28. (Noun)(으)로①
29. (Noun)에게/한테/께
30. 으 elimination
31. (Verb)지만
32. (Noun)보다
33. (Noun)만
34. (Noun)로②
35. (Noun)에서 (noun)까지,
(Noun)부터 (명사)까지
36. (Motion verb)아/어서①
37. (Verb)(으)시-
38. (Noun)에게(서)/한테(서)/께
39. (Verb)(으)ㄹ 겁니다
(Verb)(을)ㄹ 거에요
40. (Motion verb)(으)ㄹ까요?
(Motion verb)(으)ㅂ시다
41. 못 (Motion verb),
(Motion verb)지 못하다
42. (Motion verb)겠-①
43. ㄹ Elimmination
44. (Motion Verb)(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다
45. (Verb)아/어서②
46. (Motion verb)지 말다
47. (Motion verb)(으)ㄹ게요
48. (Verb)(으)니까①
49. (Motion verb)고 있다
50. (Noun)과/와

Course Duration

Maximum 6 months


This course is supplemented with face-to-face tutorials.
1) 1 session (2 hours) every other month
2) Free and optional
3) Registration is required in advance
4) Venue:CUSCS Learning Centre


A Certificate of Completion will be issued both from CUSCS and Kyung Hee Cyber University after completion of the course.
1) PASS in the final assignment within the study period i.e. 6 months &
2) Students must complete at least 70% of the online chapters


There is no required textbook for this course.

Minimum PC Requirements

Web Browser : Internet Explorer 11 or above, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.
Operating System(OS) : Web browser-enabled operating system. No special conditions required. (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.)

Central Processing Unit (CPU) : 1.4GHz
Memory (RAM) : 1GB
Hard Disk (HDD) : 10GB

Network Bandwidth : 3Mbps or above