CUSCS Diploma Programme in Foundation Studies (DFS) provides an alternate pathway for DSE graduates to pursue tertiary education. Students with at least 6 points in the best 5 subjects, plus Level 1 or above in English Language and Chinese Language, at DSE Examination are eligible to apply. Upon successful completion of DFS, students can be articulated to the Higher Diploma Programmes offered by the School. The majority of DFS graduates are articulated to CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes. Over the previous cohorts, the average articulation rate is over 80%, while a small portion of graduates choose to further study in other institutions.

Articulation Scholarship

Articulation Scholarship is awarded to full-time Diploma graduates who commence the Programme in the academic year of 2024-25 and successfully complete it in one academic year with outstanding academic performance. They will be eligible for the Scholarship at the amount of HK$5,000 for progressing to the CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes.