With the innovative and practical curriculum, students of Diploma Programme in Catering Management (DCM) will be well equipped for both employment and further study.

Career Prospects

The DCM Programme offers extensive vocational training in catering management. Upon successful completion of DCM, students could pursue related openings in the profession. Furthermore, they are eligible to take up the post of Hygiene Supervisor recognized by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department upon attaining specific requirements.
CUSCS has been successful in maintaining strong industry network. Graduates with promising academic and work placement performance will be considered to join on-the-job training provided by catering industry partners to develop career that befit their interests and potentials.


The DCM Programme covers four major components including language skills, communication and application, catering services and work placement. Students will demonstrate sound knowledge and skills required for tertiary education. Graduates of the DCM Programme will be eligible to progress to CUSCS Higher Diploma (HD) Programmes or choose to further study in other institutions.
Articulation Scholarship is awarded to full-time Diploma graduates who commence the Programme in the academic year of 2023-24 and successfully complete it in one academic year with outstanding academic performance. They will be eligible for the Scholarship at the amount of HK$5,000 for progressing to the CUSCS Higher Diploma Programmes.