Diploma Programme in Catering Management

Catering industry in Hong Kong is always thriving with a large number of employment opportunities for the youths. According to the government data*, a relatively high proportion of young workers aged 15-24 are employed in the accommodation and food services industry. With the continual and reviving growth of the profession, market needs for well-trained workforce with professional knowledge and vocational skills are anticipated.

To echo this talent demand, CUSCS offers the Diploma Programme in Catering Management (DCM) with a cohesive combination of classroom learning and practical work experience to equip young and committed persons for joining the catering profession.

DCM takes on a work-integrated learning approach with components on language skills, communication and application, specialised knowledge and work placement at food and beverage establishments. This integral business exposure will allow DCM students to understand professional workflow process, apply acquired knowledge in authentic context, and explore possible positions that fit their career path. Synergising the academic and practical expertise, graduates could either join the field of food service and catering management or pursue further study at sub-degree level. The Programme is recognized by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Graduates are eligible to take up the post of Hygiene Supervisor upon attaining specific requirements.

Specialized knowledge and skills to work as qualified practitioners in the catering industry

Rich variety of business exposure through the 240-hour work placement at food and beverage establishments

Enhancement of language and communication skills for joining career market and pursuing study

Exploration of potentials, interests and strengths to develop capacity for future career and personal development

Working youths in accommodation and food services sector

Percentage of
working youths

No. of establishments in food and beverage services

*Source: Census and Statistics Department ‘Hong Kong 2016 Population By-census – Thematic Report : Youth’, ‘Quarterly Report of Employment and Vacancies (Fourth Quarter 2021)’