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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS) owns the exclusive training rights to offer the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Programme in Hong Kong. This career development training programme, authorised by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) is the FIRST programme in Hong Kong that awards a globally certified qualification. The GCDF certification is initially established in the United States and now offered in 23 countries and regions, including Canada, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan.

What Do We Believe

  1. We adopt the life-span, life-space approach to career development and planning.
  2. We consider career development and planning an ongoing process of discovery as we learn more about ourselves and the world of work.


How Does GCDF Make a Difference

  1. GCDFs help people meet their career goals by providing career facilitation and guidance so that they will understand themselves more as to utilise their strengths effectively in career development and planning.
  2. GCDFs work as key members of comprehensive career guidance programmes. Career development facilitation empowers individuals to make informed decisions when considering occupation or lifestyle options.
  3. GCDFs enhance human resources strength of a company. Trainees will be equipped with skills and tools to tap into the calibre and aspirations of their staff through a development approach in career development.


Why Is It a Win-Win Experience

In the process of the GCDF training:

  1. You will enjoy good reflective moments on your own career development while you learn new assessment tools and facilitation skills.
  2. You will learn to make better use of your life experience and transferable skills to help your service targets gain insight and understanding about themselves and the world of work at various life stages.


Who Needs the Training and Certification

  1. Professionals in the Commercial and Public Sectors: Management, human resources consultants and trainers
  2. Helping Professionals: Counselors, teachers, career masters/mistresses, social workers, life coaches, nurses, administrators in the human service sector, psychologists and pastoral staff
  3. Individuals: Parents, mentors and individuals who are interested in career development facilitation



What Do We Believe

How Does GCDF Make a Difference

Why Is It a Win-Win

Who Needs the Training and Certification