FCD Instructor Course

FCD Instructor Course

The Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Instructor Course is intended for those who have been trained in an NCDA- or CCE-endorsed programme in career development facilitation, together with experience in providing career-related services and/or training. It aims to prepare these practitioners to teach the FCD curriculum adaptively with the requisite skills, practices, and resources.

In a vibrant learning community, participants will study the essence of the FCD curriculum design, review major elements of adult learning, explore instructional strategies for different modes of delivery, and conduct teaching presentations as well as career facilitation role-plays in a collaborative, peer-supported environment under the guidance of NCDA FCD Master Trainers.

Upon completion of all requirements for the training, participants will be certified as FCD Instructors by NCDA.

Admission to the FCD Instructor Course is by invitation only. The first class was offered in August 2019 with 13 participants trained. Another 13 participants were trained in the second class in August 2020.