Trainee Testimonials

Trainee Testimonials – What our Trainees are Saying

NCDA Survey

On instructors
  • It is a very comprehensive program, and the instructors are very responsive and helpful.
  • Their feedbacks are encouraging to me. I have obtained empowerment from them. Their advice for being FCD is practical and useful.
  • A very insightful course. It's great to have learned the concept of career development facilitation which is new to me. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and passionate to promote the FCD concept.
  • Very professional & knowledgeable instructors, good presentation and responses to our questions.
On the programme
  • Great experience to explore my career as well as to help others.
  • Very good program that can equip me as a good career development facilitator.
  • Thanks for guiding me throughout the transition process and finally I have got my way out about my career path.
  • Great program with excellent delivery with personal stories.
  • It is more than expected to gain from this course. It really changed my point of view about career. It is a helping session to myself at least. And I am looking forward to applying the licence and to sharing this great experience to others.
  • It's a great program, the in-class training and practice reinforce the concepts and skills learnt.
  • Good program and enjoyable learning journey.
  • It's been grateful to learn about the FCD Training Program which brings my knowledge in career development to the next level.
  • Professional experience and insightful sharing.
  • It's a great programme!
  • Overall the topic is great and sticks with current HK issue.
  • Exceed my expectations.
  • Many useful materials provided on the online platform. Surprise that they prepared some local marketing information besides general FCD readings.



FCD/PCCDF Nov 2020 Class
  • Passionate trainers.
  • Updated information with real examples.
  • Trainers are patient and willing to answer our questions.
  • The course fee is expensive though, still worth the money.
  • 課程設計對本人十分實用,比想像中好。謝謝!
  • The course gives us a chance to think about ourselves in terms of careers choice and development. In particular, it equips us how to be a helping professional. I appreciate very much about (Trainer A’s) teaching on day 2 especially as I lack of counselling skills. His sharing had a great positive impact on me.
FCD/PCCDF Oct 2020 Class
  • (Trainers) are very knowledgeable and able to share many insights & experience with us. (Trainer A)’s experience was especially impressed me. His teaching was very interesting and offered me some new insights.
  • I really enjoy the programme, especially the role plays. First day of class was a blast, which I found it very interesting and exciting. At the same time I could reflect on my own self on my current career path, which give me some new insights. Thank you!
  • The course is very inspirational and I have learnt a lot from the trainers and also the assessments and tools we have done during the classes.
  • 課程內容除了有很多專業知識,亦讓學生了解自己了解別人。
FCD/PCCDF Jul 2020 Class
  • Inspiring experience that is very useful for my life ahead.
  • Thank you!! Great programme & worth recommending it to others.
  • 欣賞導師們的熱誠、 親切,學習非常有效。
FCD May 2020 Class
  • I love the role play session of each lesson, really a good exercise to practise what we have learned. - Teachers are kind and knowledgeable. Rich content with concrete life examples, which are good in facilitating my learning. Excellent!
  • The class is very interactive and I get an in-depth understanding about career facilitation. The use of lively tools, activities & class discussion help to facilitate the knowledge & further develop my future profession to be CDF.
  • I appreciate the professional knowledge and passion of all the trainers very much. The course has inspired me a lot and made me have a clearer picture on my career path.
  • 欣賞老師們的熱誠,令我對career development facilitator的發展有啟發。過程好豐富, 活動內容充實,令自己有好多反思及學習。好欣賞小組組員的同行及分享。
FCD Nov 2019 Class
  • All are passionate teachers! They teach the classes in a consistent way although they manage different topics and lessons on different days. In other words, they know the course very well and co-operate in a very good way.
  • Very helpful for personal & professional development.
  • 好鐘意互動教學的模式,令同學可以邊學習邊practice。
FCD Oct 2019 Class
  • 1) 導師用心準備,因應學生需要修訂筆記,配以生活例子,讓學員能將所學遷移於日常生活中,活學活用。
    2) 最欣賞安排真人role play和互動環節,加深學生對課程的了解。
  • Highly recommend the course.
  • 理論與案件討論安排得很好,每堂都會給予學員反思的空間, 而培訓師營造的氣氛讓學員更有機會把想像分享出來,培訓師的講解技巧,以及每堂都讓自己有新體會。
  • Great passion, enthusiasm from all the trainers, much appreciated! I got a lot of positivity, insights and mind set from this course. A BIG THANK YOU for the commitment and dedication of bringing this course all the way from US to Hong Kong and I do think this course is suitable to everybody in all stages of life and I hope CUHKSCS could get an award from this programme and more students can benefit from this course! Keep up with the good work! (Thumbs Up)
  • 這課程有別於以往曾參加的課程,內容十分充實,上課模式充滿互動和歡樂,技巧及工具的運用讓我更加把握對個案的了解,有別於只問問題,有時工具更能達到效果。