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Self-Directed Learning Series: Personality Psychology (Postal Mode)
自主學習系列:人格心理學 (郵遞模式)

Course No. : 241-878182-02|Start Date : 29/04/2024

This course will be delivered in Postal Mode.


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Total Hours

14.00 hour(s)





Start Date

April 29, 2024

Tuition Fee

HK$ 1,360.00


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2209 0290

Mode of delivery:Distance Learning

This course will NOT provide live sessions. Students will learn through written course materials in distance learning mode.

Course materials include: 'Course Guide', 'Course Notes', 'Course Assignments' and 'Study Schedule'.


Personality is an abstract concept which integrates the many aspects that characterize what the person is like. It refers virtually everything about a person - mental, emotional, social, and physical. Some aspects of personality are unobservable, such as thoughts, memories, and dreams, whereas others are observable, such as overt actions. To most theorists, personality also includes aspects that are concealed from yourself, or unconscious, as well as those that are conscious and well within your awareness.

This course introduces major perspectives of personality theories as well as presents current controversial issues about personality. Upon completion of the course, students will learn about not only with the total functioning of the individual but also with individual differences between people.

Course Outline

1. Overview of Personality Psychology
- Issue:Is Personality Stable Across the Life Span?
2. The Psychodynamic Perspective
- Issue:Should Freud's Theories Be Abandoned as Useless?
3. The Humanistic Perspective
- Issue:Can We Make Ourselves Happier?
- Issue:Does Money Lead to Happiness?
4. The Trait Perspective
- Issue:Is the Five-Factor Model an Adequate Theory of Personality?
- Issue:Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) a Valid Tool for Career Selection?
5. The Behaviorist-Cognitive Perspective
- Issue:Is Our Self-Esteem Dependent on Others' Views of Us?
- Issue:Does Birth Order Influence Our Personalities?

Course Duration

Around 14 Weeks