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Course Cluster in Art of NFT in Commercial Application

Course No. : 223-300830-01|Start Date : 14/03/2023


1. Mr. Ivan LEUNG
2. Mr. Gilbert NG
3. Mr. Clement CHAN

Language Used

Cantonese (supplemented with English)

Total Hours

50 Hours


20 Sessions (2.5 hrs per session)


TST Learning Centre

Start Date

14 Mar 2023


Part 1: Tuesday 7:00-9:30pm
Part 2: To be confirmed
Part 3: To be confirmed

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Course Cluster

Course Enquiries

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Enrolment Enquiries

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Course Description

Course Cluster is designed to integrate discipline-specific knowledge and skills with other disciplines from a multidisciplinary perspective. It is developed to build new skill sets or to reskill the workforce to enhance capabilities to meet the needs of a changing environment for long-term career success. The Course Cluster gives an additional dimension to learners to pursue a better quality of life in future.

Course Cluster in Art of NFT in Commercial Application is categorized under “FinTech” which consists of three courses namely: (1) NFT and Digital Assets; (2) Investing in Digital Assets and NFT: Risks and Regulations; (3) Appreciation of Contemporary and Digital Art (Trend and Application). Learners will be equipped with the skills of application of NFT and appreciate the meaning of digital art.

Course Syllabus

NFT and Digital Assets (20 Hours)
Through market knowledge sharing and case study analysis, students will learn basic knowledge about blockchain technology, crypto market and the rise of NFT market, the philosophy of GameFi and tokenization of gaming and acquisition of digital assets. In addition, students will also learn how to make use of NFT marketing to promote personal brand and corporate image, understand investment value, assets allocation and the distinction between investment and collection of NFT. The students are taught to setup crypto wallets, issue and connect with NFT at marketplace, and the transaction of NFT as well. Students without crypto and NFT background are also encouraged to study this course in order to understand the basic knowledge and related technology.

Application of NFT and its technological development in Hong Kong and worldwide:
1. Current NFT applications: investment vs collection perspective
2. NFT as an investment tool: NFT value to creators, collectors, marketplaces and IP owners
3. Incredible innovation in NFT space and how it applies to art trade and art industry
4. Web3 Gaming NFT: its philosophy, operation and how it works
5. NFTs as DAOs: the future transformation of the gaming and entertainment business
6. Differentiation of various digital assets, their value, pros & cons of holding relevant assets as a long-term investment or short-term speculation?
7. How the launch of NFT helps corporations achieve the brand image and individual personal brand exposure?
8. Case study: is NFT beneficial to individuals, business operators, corporations, designers and IP owners?

Investing in Digital Assets and NFT: Risks and Regulations (15 Hours)
This course will introduce a comprehensive understanding of digital assets, including NFT, from a risks management and regulatory perspective. The learners will identify various risks in investing digital assets and the common misconduct in this industry. Real cases will be shared for students to understand what happened in the past where investors funds were stolen or misappropriated. Also, the learners will know about the regulations of digital assets in other countries and the governments’ view on regulating digital assets where regulators have enforced or penalized those who violated the law.

1. The underlying value of Digital Assets and NFT
2. Concept of Risk Management and the Risks of Token Investment
3. The Risk of Centralized Exchange
4. The Risk of Decentralized Exchange/products
5. Recent Cases: the fallen crypto empire
6. Digital Assets Regulations in Hong Kong SAR, China and other countries

Appreciation of Contemporary and Digital Art (Trend and Application) (15 Hours)
The development of Metaverse, Virtual reality and NFT is deeply related with contemporary art. After being immersed in Modernism, Western art has the sublime and outstanding value to keep away from the side effect of technology and civilization. Paul Gauguin is the remarkable one. On the contrary, Futurism emphasized dynamism, efficiency and speedy scientific progress; for example: Pop Art, Photorealism and Minimalism. Technology, industrial materials and commercial elements were further used to achieve the diversified development of Postmodernism. New art forms across different media such as conceptual art, performance art, environmental art, installation art, and video art appeared one after another, while digital art has also emerged. This course will introduce the trend and development of contemporary art and its application under globalization. Last but not least, the cultural phenomenon of NFT and its meaning will be analyzed.

1. Origins of Contemporary art to Post-Modernism
2. Trend and development of Post-Modernism (architecture)
3. Special topic in Contemporary art and influence of cross-media platforms
4. Contemporary art, M+ art and Virtual reality theory (Jean Baudrillard)
5. Application of Digital art, Video art, Neo-conceptual art and Land art
6. Digital movies, the rise of NFT and its meaning

導師簡介 (Chinese Version Only)

NFT及數字資產 (第一部分)
Mr. Ivan Leung在市場營銷和投資者關係管理方面擁有超過15年經驗,負責制定投資者關係策略、規劃上市前企業安排及其危機管理。服務對象包括上市公司、中小企及虛擬貨幣平台等。於2020年,他創立了YouTube頻道"職場Marketplace" 以推廣創業和教授管理知識。

數碼資產投資及NFT︰風險與規則 (第二部分)
資深律師Mr. Gilbert Ng早於2017年起研究虛擬資產,區塊鏈及金融科技。他曾分別於全球兩所最大的虛擬資產交易所任職法律總監,並於某香港主板上市科技公司任職公司秘書及法務總監 ,為香港及海外的科技初創公司提供專業意見。
Gilbert 為科技初創公司提供法律、風險、監管合規等專業意見,及對有意採納金融科技、虛擬資產及創新科技為發展方針的傳統業務提供協助。他積極參與創立初創基金,專注投資虛擬資產、區塊鏈、web 3.0和元宇宙等項目。

當代及數碼藝術欣賞(思潮和應用) (第三部分)
陳偉邦先生擅長繪畫及設計,是香港著名藝術家。其畫風受立體派、美國抽象表現主義及新表現主義影響。除繪畫外,陳氏更揉合書法、音樂、 新詩及文史哲等題材,讓畫作呈現獨特的美感境界。其作品被香港藝術館及香港藝術發展局收藏。

Class Schedule and Notification

Commencement Date: 14 Mar 2023
NFT and Digital Assets (Part 1): Tuesday 7:00-9:30pm
Investing in Digital Assets and NFT: Risks and Regulations (Part 2): To be confirmed
Appreciation of Contemporary and Digital Art (Trend and Application) (Part 3): To be confirmed
Venue: TST East Ocean Learning Centre
Course Period: Mar - Aug 2023 (tentative)
Notification: via Email and SMS about one week before the course commencement


Participants will be awarded a "Certificate of Attendance" upon fulfilling the following requirement:
- an overall attendance rate of 70% or above