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English Grammar

Self-Directed Learning Series: English Grammar for Intermediate Learners (Internet Mode)
自主學習系列:英語文法中階 (網上模式)

Course No. : 241-850182-11|Start Date : 11/03/2024


CUSCS Instructor

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Total Hours

14.00 hour(s)





Start Date

March 11, 2024

Tuition Fee

HK$ 1,240.00


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Course Enquiries

2209 02262603 6565[JavaScript encoded]

Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

Mode of Delivery﹕Distance Learning

This course will NOT provide live sessions. Students will learn through written course materials in distance learning mode.

Course materials include: 'Course Guide', 'Course Notes', “Video Clips*”, 'Course Assignments' and 'Study Schedule'. Video clips that are supplemented to the course. They will only cover the main points of the course but NOT the whole content.

*Students in Postal Mode will receive printed course materials ONLY. NO video clips will be provided to students in Postal Mode.


This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive review of English grammar at the Intermediate level. Students will consolidate their basic grammar knowledge and develop grammar skills beyond the elementary level. This course starts with a revision of verb tenses, and followed by other grammar structures including to-infinitives, gerunds, conditionals, passive voice, reported speech, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and modals. This course will help students improve their ability to interpret what they read and express themselves accurately in writing.

Course Outline﹕

1. Past perfect
2. Simple past / present perfect
3. Verbs followed by to-infinitives or gerunds
4. Conditionals:1st
5. Conditionals:2nd and 3rd
6. Passive voice
7. Reported speech
8 .Adjectives:superlatives and comparatives
9. Adverbs of place, direction, frequency, and time
10. Prepositions after verbs, adjectives, and before nouns
11. Would expressing habit in the past
12. Modals (need(n't), don't need to, had better)

Course Duration﹕

Around 12 Weeks