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Certificate Programme in English Speaking Skills for the Workplace

Course No. : 192-391400-01|Start Date : 15/08/2019

Admission Requirements

Secondary 5 or above education level

Start Date



Please refer to 'Module' and click the course name to see the details


Please refer to 'Module' and click the course name to see the details

Application Fee


Tuition Fee

Please refer to 'Module' and click the course name to see the details


Certificate programmes

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QR Registration No.


QR Registration Validity Period

05/05/2008 - Ongoing

Course Enquiries

3111 7277 / 3111 7273[JavaScript encoded]

Enrolment Enquiries

2209 0290

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This programme aims at equipping participants with business communication skills; enhancing their ability to deliver clear and structured messages with an appropriate tone; and building their confidence in speaking through improved accuracy.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to handle a wide range of work scenarios, and improve their use of language for various practical functions at work. With focused training, their pronunciation and accuracy will be enhanced for better communication.


Study pathHrsCoursesCourse codeFee*
1st course30English for Oral Business Communication389108$2,340
2nd course20Pronouncing English Accurately379105$1,600
3rd course20Improving Listening & Speaking Skills379102$1,700
4th course20English Phonetics379104$1,680
5th course24Practical Spoken English for the Office 389112$1,940



*Remarks:The school reserves the right to change the fees.

Please click on the course name for more details (Course commencement date, time, venue etc).


All the courses must be completed within two years (starting from the commencement date of a participant's first course in a programme.)

Application Procedures

All applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis; no transfer to a different class will be approved. Please fill out the application form and send to us together with
- $150 application fee (non-refundable); and
- evidence of educational qualifications

*Applicants must provide photocopies of the educational qualifications of the chosen programme. Incomplete information / documents provided will not be processed by the school.

Please send your application to our Enrollment Office. Please send your application to our Enrollment Office. (Please do not send the form to us by mail). Details please refer to

*The processing time of an application is about 14 working days. The school will notify successful applicants of their application results by mail.

After your application is approved, you can start enrolling in the courses (general courses) under the programme. The schedule will be sent to you by post or you can check it on our website


A certificate will be granted for the programme you have registered in. Your attendance rate must reach 70% or above and all course requirements must be met.

Application procedures for CEF

The enhancement measures have been implemented with effect from 1 April 2019.
-Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction; or holders of one-way permit from Mainland China;
-Aged between 18 and 70 (i.e. before reaching the age of 71) both at the time when the CEF reimbursable course under application commences and at the time when an application for fee reimbursement is submitted, which should be within one year upon the *successful completion of the CEF reimbursable course. Late applications will not be accepted;
-Have enrolled in and paid the tuition fee for the CEF reimbursable course; and
Have not obtained any other public funds or assistance under any other publicly-funded financial assistance schemes for the same course.

For enquiries, please contact OCEF’s 24-hour hotline at 3142-2277 or the School at 2209-0274/2209-0235.

Reimbursement procedures for CEF

1. Claimants are required to pass or attain the minimum benchmark of specified benchmark tests. Information on benchmarks tests can be obtained from the website:
2. 'Successful completion' of the course means that the claimant must pass the course assessment and obtain 70% or above attendance rate.
3. Claimants must complete all the courses of the programme, fulfill point 1 and 2 and obtain the certificate or results slips issued by our school before claiming the reimbursement.
4. For other details, please refer to the website of Continuing Education Fund: or call the hotline:3142 2277.