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Certificate Programme in Italian Language and Culture

Course No. : 201-340510-01

Admission Requirements

1. Completion of secondary education, or equivalent; or
2. Aged 21 or above


CUSCS Instructor

Language Used

Italian and English

Total Hours

150 hours


Certificate programmes

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QR Registration Validity Period

04/12/2019 - Ongoing

Course Enquiries

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Enrolment Enquiries

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The programme aims at providing participants with fundamental training in Italian communication and its cultural awareness. Through learning Italian and exposing to Italian cultural components, participants will take up a better position in using the language and grasping the cultural essence in any Italian related occasions. The training is comprised of achieving basic Italian proficiency and investigating into the study of Italian culture including arts, designs, architecture, traditions and cuisine. The programme is a unique opportunity to discover the best of Italian, “la dolce vita” and Italian culture. No previous knowledge of Italian is required to join this programme.


There are 4 modules in the programme:

1. Basic Italian I (45 hours)
In this course, participants will build foundations for the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in the context of major themes in Italy. It introduces alphabets, common vocabulary, basic grammar and communication skills in Italian. The course also covers the essence of Italian pronunciation and necessary expressions to communicate in everyday situations, like greetings and asking simple questions.
The following content will be covered:
• Alphabets and pronunciation
• Greetings and self-introduction
• Basic grammar including tenses and verb conjugation
• Question words
• Asking for basic information, for example, nationality, occupation, etc.
• Basic sentence structure
• Useful vocabulary for daily life conversation
• Descriptions of everyday situations
• Basic Italian grammar, for example, verb, gender agreement, prepositions and articles
• Writing short messages

2. Basic Italian II (45 hours)
This course builds on “Basic Italian I” and gives participants further training on the communication skills in Italian. It provides a review and expansion of the essential skills of the Italian language, particularly tenses and the use of verbs. Participants’ vocabulary and conversational skills for daily use will be enhanced.
The following content will be covered:
• Receiving telephone calls
• Improving communication skills including tone in speaking Italian
• Understanding instructions
• Talking about food, attractions, work, daily life and weather
• Asking/ giving information about personal details and profession
• Asking different types of question
• Using reflexive verbs to talk about daily activities
• Writing short messages

3. Basic Italian III (45 hours)
This course focuses on the communication skills in Italian. It is a continuation of “Basic Italian II”. In this course, the basic elements of the Italian language within a cultural context will be further elaborated. Emphasis is on the progressive development of communication skills and putting them into the use in real life situations.
The following content will be covered:
• Reading and listening comprehension about art and culture
• Further training on pronunciation
• Asking/giving information about living environment
• Asking/giving information about work environment
• Pronunciation including liaison and elision
• Listening skills and distinguishing similar sounds
• Identifying and avoiding common spoken and written mistakes
• Writing short texts

4. Italian Culture (15 hours)
This course touches the theme of travelling in Italy by introducing Italian famous architecture, art, cuisine, traditions, attractions and etiquette. Participants can develop their understanding of Italian culture which is an integral part of the programme. The course enables participants to develop appreciation and deepen understanding of various aspects of the Italian culture.
The following content will be covered:
• Italian dining and social etiquette
• Italian customs and traditions
• Art and architecture in Italy
• Italian natural environment
• Italian modern designs
• Appreciation of Italian music and operas


To be confirmed


Normally students will complete the programme (4 modules) in 18 months.
On the other hand, you may also plan your own study schedule as long as you can complete the entire programme within 4 years (starting from the commencement date of Basic Italian I).


To be considered for the award of Certificate in Italian Language and Culture, participants are required to:
1. have an attendance rate of 70% or above in each module; and
2. have passed the assessments of each module.