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The Integrated Scheme for Career Planning and Development Project (CPDP) concludes successfully

28 SEP 2018

Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS)

An Integrated Scheme for Career Planning and Development Project (CPDP)


The Pragmatic Milestones for Students

Project Summary:

The Integrated Scheme for Career Planning and Development Project (CPDP) is a 2-year comprehensive scheme to enhance the employability skills of students in Higher Diploma Programmes. CPDP has been supported by the QESS Fund since October, 2016 and was satisfactorily completed in September, 2018. The fruitful and valuable experience gained by our students has enabled them to acquire essential skills for future employment and enrich their work-readiness and employability .  


A series of career-related programmes, from personal growth and development to real-world industrial knowledge, were custom-built by CUSCS. The project goals were to enhance students’ self-understanding, self-efficacy and exposure in the workplace.


Activities included:


Type of Activities/Programmes

Number of Participation

Number of Activities


Self-understanding Workshops

511 students

26 sessions


Career GPS Scheme

95 pairs of matching student and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)

380 individual interview sessions & 8 briefing sessions


Career-related Skills Training Workshops

403 students

18 workshops


Career Talks

654 students

29 talks


Field Trips or Workplace Visits

397 students

11 visits


Industrial Mentorship Programme


387 students

(with accumulated 786 times of participation)

8 activities (briefing sessions, kick-off activity, interim gathering and closing celebration)


Internship Programme

Over 900 students engaged in internship

417 industrial partners


Online Resource and Sharing Platform

Average 86.1% respondents rated satisfactory to the online platform

(Online Survey and Feedback Group)

11 sets of career-related training materials and 2 video-sharing were uploaded on SCDS website for students’ self-learning.

Regular posted full-time or part-time jobs in “Job Market” of SCDS website.


The highlights of students’ comments of joining the following activities:

  1. Career GPS Scheme: “It was such a fruitful scheme for me. I have gained better understanding of myself and my career direction…The GCDF guided me to discover my “transferable skills” which are also my strengths for future job searching…” (Lok Yin, HD in Social Work Yr 2)


  1. Industrial Mentorship Scheme: “Last year, I had great opportunity to enter the workplace and joined a meeting with my mentor, who is a magazine editor. This experience has inspired me a lot. My mentor has coached me to have a better understanding of my career aspiration in this field.…” (Sky, HD in Chinese Journalism Yr 2)


  1. Internship Programme: “I joined the one-month internship scheme at Nanjing in the summer 2018. Apart from learning how to publish an educational magazine, I also had the opportunity to offer a Career Planning Workshop to local secondary students. This valuable experience inspired me to understand the dedication that needs to produce publications…” (Elaine, HD in Chinese Yr 1)


There were a total of over 3300 student participations in more than 75 activities. 96 teaching and non-teaching staff attended totally 10 hours of facilitation skills and market trends workshops to enrich their guidance skills to students. 141 mentors, 88 facilitators and 417 industrial partners were involved in the scheme. The setup of an online platform provided a virtual contact point and an easily accessible channel for all CUSCS students to acquire career-related training materials without time and geographical constraints. The achievement was far beyond expectation.

CUSCS has earned the valuable opportunity to expand its network of partnership through organising diverse school-wide activities made available by this project. The establishment of core career-related activities has also cultivated the sense of school-wide participation, as showcased by the internship and mentorship schemes. In addition, CUSCS students are able to receive pragmatic feedback from industrial partners as well benefit from the sharing of senior students who have set themselves role models for junior students.