Special Notice


In view of the severe COVID-19 situation, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS) announces the following:


  • Part-time Professional and Continuing Education Programmes – Face-to-face class delivery is suspended up to 16 August 2020 (Sunday). Students concerned will be informed individually for online or other special teaching arrangements. 
  • CUSCS Learning Centres – The operating hours for over-the-counter enquiries and enrollment services during 27 July - 14 August 2020 will be revised to 8:30am to 6pm for Monday to Friday, and closed on Saturday and Sunday.


For protection of health of students and staff, users of CUSCS Learning Centres are required to observe the COVID-19 monitoring measures. Users are required to wear a face mask, perform temperature screening and use hand sanitizer when entering the Learning Centres.   Individuals under compulsory quarantine or with respiratory infection symptoms should stay home.

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Applicants can claim their offer or apply for Higher Diploma Programme or Diploma Programme in Foundation Studies ONLINE

17 JUL 2020






學院亦特別設立Zoom網上課程諮詢專線,於7月22至31日(7月26日除外)期間,由學院講師即時解答有關課程及升學問題。同學亦可登入「升學資訊 All-in-One」平台 (www.cuscs.hk/afterdse) 收看各個高級文憑課程及基礎教育文憑課程的短片,進一步了解課程。