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Financial Privilege / Assistance Schemes


School of Continuing and Professional Studies CUHK Credit Card


Hang Seng Bank has introduced “School of Continuing and Professional Studies CUHK Credit Card” for our alumni, students and full-time staff. Cardholders can enjoy a 6-month or 12-month interest-free instalment plan privilege on tuition fees upon enrolment of any courses* of the School at a cost of HK$2,000 or above. For instalment amount of HK$5,000 or above, applicant is required to pay a handling fee for interest-free instalment plan. Application forms are obtainable from Enrolment Centres, Head Office or Hang Seng Bank. For details, please visit the website of Hang Seng Bank at or contact Hang Seng Bank customer service hotline at 2822-0228.


* If the programme consists of more than one module, applicants may enjoy the interest-free instalment plan only when the tuition fee of each individual module costs HK$2,000 or above.



Wing Lung Bank “Education Loan”


Wing Lung Bank has tailored “Education Loan” exclusively for our students, giving them added financial flexibility.


For more information, please visit website of Wing Lung Bank at or call Wing Lung Bank hotline at 2826-8222.



CUSCS Cash Unit Scheme (CATS)


The “CUSCS Cash Unit Scheme (CATS)” was terminated on 1 January 2016. Cash units accumulated on or before 31 December 2015 remain valid until the date of expiration. Other terms and conditions of CATS remain unchanged. For cash unit balance enquiry, please click here.


How to Use Cash Units


Students can opt for using the cash units for tuition fee rebates on enrolment (100 cash units fully earned are equivalent to HK$1 rebate), provided that the cash units are still valid (see “Expiry of Cash Units” below). The cash units earned from enroling on a certain programme/course can only be used for enrolment of another programme/course of a different course code.




The cash units cannot be rebated in the enrolment of CEF reimbursable courses and their component modules*, the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Hong Kong Programme, full-time programmes, corporate training programmes or programmes jointly offered by the School in collaboration with local organisations, overseas and Mainland universities.


* As advised by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Scheme (CATS) is regarded as offering a discount and as such is not permitted under the Continuing Education Fund rules. With effect from 1 August 2010, cash units cannot be used in all CEF reimbursable courses (including the whole programme or individual modules of a programme listed as CEF reimbursable courses).


Expiry of Cash Units


Cash units are valid for three years, counting from the effective date of earning. The units are neither transferable nor refundable as cash value.


Adjustments to Cash Unit Balance


The calculation of cash unit is exclusively based on the record of the School and subject to the School’s final decision in case of any dispute. The School also reserves the right to interpret and revise the terms and conditions of the Scheme without prior notice.

The School will make necessary cash unit adjustments in the event of refund or course cancellation. If in the unlikely event of students having a small negative cash unit balance, it may be carried forward to students’ future enrolment so that the outstanding amount can be settled in the next transaction. If the negative CATS balance is equivalent to an amount of HK$30 or more, students will be requested to settle by cheque.




For cash unit balance enquiry, please click here.