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LLEC Presents: Reimagine Reading Articles Series 2017-2018
Name of Book Interviewee Interviewer & Writer
Reading is the Soul of Study Dr. Ella Chan (Director) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Fighting for Freedom Dora Suen (Head of Marketing and Communications) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Beauty and Life in Flowers Carrie Cheng (Head of English and European Languages) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Create Your Own Path Gallant Lo (HD CHI) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Finding Hope in Fairytales Candy Ngai (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Fifteen Minutes of Fashion Mavis Tse (Assistant Lecturer) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
Lessons from ‘Paper Town’ Jessie Fan (HD ENG) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Reaching the Corners of the World Faith Ng (Assistant Lecturer) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Fighting for Her Own Right to Live Clarice Lui (HD ENG) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Is It As Simple As We Think? Bon Ho (Counsellor) Ocean So (HD ENG)
The Magic of Time Daniel Ma (HD CHI) Ocean So (HD ENG)
Kerouac’s True Travels Joseph Kwok (HD ENG) Phoebe Ng (HD ENG)
Not as Crucial as Love Phoebe Ng (HD ENG) Ocean So (HD ENG)
The Spells of Harry Potter Alex Siu (HD ENG) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
Becoming a Bento Chef Fenela Ho (HD AJL) Ocean So (HD ENG)
History and Inequality in the Help Kayla Wong (HD THM) Joseph Kwok (HD ENG)
Inspiration through Innovation Piers Kuan (Lecturer) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
No Life without Love Ocean So (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Learning from Real Life Experiences Gemma Lai (HD ENG) Alex Siu (HD ENG)
Finding Truth in Memories Cilla Chan (HD ENG) Candy Ngai (HD ENG)
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一念曙光 林志花 亞軍
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蔡永琪 優異獎
重逢 譚紫欣 優異獎