The LLEC offers a number of interesting courses and talks to all CUSCS Full-time students. The offer of places is on the basis of ‘first-come-first-served’, so act fast!


Semester 1

Schedule (September, October, November, December, 2018)
    • English Courses / Workshops
General English
APA Style and Academic Writing Workshop Details Poster
Language Awareness Workshop: Do you speak Chinglish? Details Poster
University Admission Preparation
Interview Skills Workshop Details Poster
Personal Statement Workshop Details Poster
Personal Statement Workshop 2 Details Poster
IELTS Preparation
Introduction of IELTS Test Details Poster
IELTS Speaking Workshop Details Poster
    • Chinese & Putonghua Courses / Workshops
Chinese Courses / Workshops
    • Foreign Language Courses / Workshops
Japanese Courses / Workshops
日語打字工作坊 Details Poster