Infection Prevention Measures

In order to maintain public health and avoid spreading of the virus amid the graduation ceremony, graduates and guests are requested to pay attention to the following:

  1. Wear facial masks at all times.

  2. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently to keep you free from the virus.

  3. Measure body temperature and submit a Health Declaration Form (a link will be sent together with the admission tickets) before entering the Hall.  Graduates and guests are advised to arrive earlier to avoid a large number of people lining up at the venue entrance right before the Ceremony starts.

  4. Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the Hall.

  5. Hand-shaking and photo-taking with procession members on stage during the ceremony are prohibited to avoid any close body contact.

  6. Those graduates and/or guests outside Hong Kong coming for the graduation ceremony should plan ahead to arrive in Hong Kong at least 14 days prior to the event, and take necessary viral tests and/or undergo quarantine as required by the Government. For the latest measures and arrangements, please visit the Government's website at

  7. If graduates and/or guests have any respiratory symptoms, they should seek medical advice, stay home and avoid attending the ceremony.





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