Gown Rental & Dress Code

Graduates are required to wear black gowns with coloured silk edge lining that represents their Higher Diploma Programme as specified by the School for the Ceremony. Black leather shoes and formal attires are requested for this occasion. Shorts, mini-skirts, jeans, flip-flops and sandals are not allowed. The School reserves the right to refuse entry of the graduates and guests who do not comply with the required dress code.

Graduates shall rent the gowns (mortarboards are not needed) from Victoria Uniform Company starting from 12 November 2020. Rental service is available from five designated outlets (Sheung Wan, Prince Edward, Tsuen Wan, Shatin and Tai Po) at a non-refundable charge of HK$180 plus a deposit of HK$360 per gown for 14 days. Only cash is accepted for payment. To facilitate the process, graduates should register at the website of Victoria Uniform Company at least one day before visiting the chosen outlet. Graduates are not allowed to change the choice of outlet once the online registration is completed. Please register online through the following link:

Online registration for gown rental will start on 11 November 2020.

(Please log in the above website by entering "CUHKSCS2020" as the College / University code. Choose "Not applicable" in the field "mortarboard size")

After completing online registration, please print out two copies of the Gown Deposit Form and bring them along with your student ID card to the chosen outlet to collect the rented gown.

For further enquiries, please contact Victoria Uniform Company at 3118 4396 / 3105 5009, or by email: Opening hours of the outlets are 10:45am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday (closed on statutory holidays).

For details about gown rental, please click here.

Gown and Silk Edge Lining:

Higher Diploma Programmes
Colour of silk edge lining
1. Multimedia and Creative Advertising
2. Computer Game Development
3. Mobile Application Development and Cloud Services


1. Business Studies
2. Tourism and Hospitality Management
1. Chinese
2. English Studies
3. Applied Japanese Language
4. Applied Korean Language
5. Applied Translation Studies
6. Applied History Studies
7. Chinese Journalism
8. Public Relations and Advertising
1. Human Nutrition
2. Health Care
1. Library and Information Management
2. Recreation and Leisure Management
3. Human Services
4. Social Work
Light Blue
1. Early Childhood Education






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